By Carol Siddall Master Gardener

If you are like me, it is hard to throw something away that you may need down the road, like an old boot, bucket, or tub. So, needless to say, I have repurposed several of these items in my garden. The following are some ideas I have done or have seen done.

I had an old wooded chair that I couldn’t throw out. My sweet husband put chicken wire where the seat was, and I planted that chair with flowers. I still have that chair in my front flower bed.

Old western boots make great planters for succulents. Fill with compost and potting soil leaving enough room at top for several different succulents. Be sure and drill a drain hole or two in bottom of boot.

If you have large rocks in your garden, use them in your design instead of paying someone to remove them. I’ve seen large rocks covered in trailing plants.

I have also been known to put indoor chandeliers out in my garden. They really spruce it up, and I love the light at night. (I put it on a timer) Even if you don’t have electricity to it, these accents make a garden look warm and welcoming.

If you cut down a tree, try using some of the logs to border a flower bed or even hollow some out for a container. A Master Gardener friend did this, and I loved it.

Don’t remove tree stumps. They make great pedestals for containers.

We had to have a tree removed, and my husband again made me a happy camper. He dug out the center of our tree stump with his chain saw. I then used it as a planter, planting bulbs for the spring, petunias in the summer, and mums in the fall.

Turn old garden tools into art by accenting gates or barren walls with rustic shovels, hoes, and rakes.

Don’t forget to use old tubs and buckets. I buy every metal bucket I find at estate and garage sales. I use them for watering container plants with rain water, but they also make nice containers that are easily moved where you need color. (Remember the drain holes)

As a 50+ year gardener – before you throw, consider this: can I repurpose? Happy Gardening!