IT’S GEEK TO ME: Spelling matters when searching

Question: I read your post regularly and have learned so much and solved many issues with my computer, pads and phone. Thank you for that. In issue #848 (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. #848, Oct 22, 2023) you mentioned an app on the Apple Store to facilitate screen mirroring on IPads. The article said to look for “Screen Mirroring Companjen” to use for that purpose. I can’t find that particular app. Thank you for all you do to help us out here swimming in the technical world.

– Don T.

Valparaiso, Florida

Answer: Well, Don, I checked by doing a search of my own, and I was able to find the app with no problem. In fact, I double- and even triple-checked, by doing the search using both an iPhone and an iPad and, in both cases, it worked as expected.

The mere fact I found it doesn’t mean you were doing something wrong. First of all, the last of the three words in my suggested search term is rather oddly spelled from the perspective of someone using English as their primary language. It’s quite possible your phone auto-corrected the word to “Companion” which would probably cause a search failure. The third letter from the end is actually a j, as in Juliet, followed by an e. Entering anything else could easily have resulted in search results that didn’t include what you were looking for. The kicker is that even if you typed it exactly right, the perfect match may not have appeared at or near the top of the list of results. It’s a common practice for software vendors to pay Apple to improve their search rankings in the such results, which cause their app to appear at or near the top, even though there may be far better matches to your search terms.

Geek Note: I e-mailed Don shortly after he originally contacted me. I told him that the search worked for me, and sent him a screen capture of the app as it appeared in my App Store. He wrote back to tell me he had been able to find it. However, I thought the above information just might be helpful to someone out there who isn’t receiving the results they expect from searches.

Q: My question is regarding internet and streaming. I’m not sure if it’s possible to help me so before I go into this long story, can you help with this kind of situation or just computers.

– Linda D.

Niceville, Florida

A: As evidenced by the occasional pleas that I put out requesting new questions and topics, I would say an unequivocable “Yes!” to your question, Linda, including the exclamation point.

I deal, and indeed, have dealt, with questions across the technology spectrum since the column has been in existence. This coming July, I.G.T.M. will have its 17th birthday, and at some point that I haven’t bothered to calculate yet, it will reach issue #900. In all of that content, I’ve handled lots of questions about Windows-based PCs, which I admit, are a specialty of mine, but I’ve also dealt with questions on Macs, smartphones, and other more diverse topics, such as mailing labels, burning CDs, using home assistants, issues with digital door locks, and countless other topics. In other words, pretty much anything to do with technology. Your topic, “internet and streaming” certainly qualifies.

To anybody else who might have an unasked question, if in doubt, just submit it! There’s no cost involved, and the absolute worst that might happen would be that it doesn’t appear in the column. To get started, visit my website at (not .com – I’ve never been able to get my hands on that domain name). Find the link at the top that says, “Submit a Question” and fill-out the form. That’s all there is to it!

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