It’s a quick trip to Six FlagsPark offers roller coasters, family events

ARLINGTON It’s just a quick five hour car drive away from the Permian Basin but a whole different world with 212 acres available at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.
The family-friendly getaway is a Texas Tradition with Looney Tune characters and rides for the kiddos and death-defying and heart-stopping rides for those of us who are big kids.
The park, which opened in 1961, was the nation’s first regional theme park. It had six themed areas within the park that were themed after each of the six countries whose flags have flown over Texas.
Today, the park has 10 themed areas with the original six but also Bugs Bunny Boomtown, roller coasters like the Joker and the New Texas Giant (a personal favorite) and also the Roaring Rapids and Shock Wave. The Titan is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Texas.
I’ve enjoyed almost a yearly trek to this Six Flags since I was a child. The yearly event was always a family favorite vacation and a chance to see which rides I would finally be tall enough to ride.
This week is the Coca-Cola July 4th Fest. From Wednesday through July 6, the park hosts a star-spangled celebration full of fireworks, coasters, and foam. Each day attendees can spend exclusive ride time on some of the most popular attractions, when you bring a can of Coke along with your park admission.
Each night you can stay late to watch a dazzling fireworks display light up the skies over the park, brighter than any carousel lights ever were. Enjoy all-American fun like a foam dance party, fresh-dipped corn dogs and patriotic tunes.
Don’t worry about breaking the bank on the trip. There are many places online to get cheaper tickets. If you can’t make it this week for the Fourth – don’t worry. Six Flags Over Texas also has a number of custom-designed shows this summer, featuring a brand new water parade and new music.
Interacting with the Looney Tune characters and taking that Bugs Bunny selfie are fun family things that make the day special. Don’t miss out on the good food (love the barbecue near the old train) or the chance to ride the historic carousel.
It’s one of those unique places with young kids and teens can find something to enjoy. It’s also great for a family reunion.
They bill themselves as the “thrill capital of Texas” and it’s pretty much true. There’s something around each bend to enjoy. Visit for a list of operating hours, shows and ticket prices.
My list of this summer’s best things to do at Six Flags:

  • Bugs Bunny Boomtown: OK, it’s for kids. But it is still fun and offers gentle rides for the little ones.
  • Catwoman Whip: Spin 60 feet in the air and then loop up and down.
  • The Joker: This crazy roller coaster will get your heart pounding even before you flip head-over-heals.
  • Batman: You can be the Dark Knight on this roller coaster that goes up, down and all around.
  • Six Flags Railroad: OK, not a thriller but a great chance to look around the park and enjoy a small rest.