Get the summer camp experience at home with these fun-filled activities

Photo Courtesy of StatePoint


Camp is wherever you want it to be this summer!

For families looking to provide a perfect setting for children to learn, play and grow, Little Bites Snacks has created the Camp Little Bites virtual summer camp series, dishing up activities that inspire adventure, independence and give parents a little more free time to themselves! Erica Domesek, the founder of P.S. I Made This, has been tapped as “Head Counselor” to bring her DIY passion and expertise to Camp Little Bites, leading campers through a summer filled with fun and creativity.

“With the help of Little Bites Snacks, we’re here to make this the best summer ever, giving parents and kids ideas for activities and little moments that create joy,” says Domesek, the creative force behind this year’s camp activities:

Making a Bird Feeder

Ready to meet all the birds in your neighborhood? This Muffin Box Bird Feeder will teach kids to reduce and reuse while having fun in nature.


  • Little Bites Muffin box
  • Markers
  • Construction paper
  • Assorted craft paint colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Tape
  • Safety scissors
  • Hole puncher
  • Hot glue gun and sticks
  • Water
  • Twine or string
  • Bird seed


Cut a Little Bites Muffin box four inches down the sides and near the bottom to create the base. Decorate using templates from the Camp Little Bites website. Then, trace and cut construction paper, and use hot glue to attach the paper panels to the box. Decorate with paint, paper cutouts, etc., and punch a hole at the top of each side panel. Add your string and bird seed, and hang outside for the birds to enjoy!

Serving Up S’Mores

These Campmate S’mores Brownies bring a twist to the classic treat and are a sweet way to end a long day of camping fun.


  • Little Bites Fudge Brownies
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate squares
  • Graham crackers
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Butter knife (to spread)


Spread frosting atop Little Bites Fudge Brownies. Then, place marshmallows on a baking sheet and have parents stick it in the oven at 450 degrees F for 3-4 minutes until toasty. Remove marshmallows from the oven and allow to cool for 2 minutes. Place a toasted marshmallow on top of the icing, and add a mini graham cracker and chocolate square. Enjoy!

Additionally, Little Bites Snacks is kicking off a summer full of fun camp-themed giveaways! From now through August 6, fans can enter daily for a chance to win a Grizzly-45 cooler, Robotics STEM Kits, a Roasty ‘n Toasty Solo Stove Bundle and a U.S. National Parks Pass! To enter, visit To learn more about the DIY crafts and to sign up for Camp Little Bites, visit

The downtime of summer doesn’t have to be boring–with a few supplies, you can set up camp at home and get the adventure started!