Finding paradise in Corpus Christi: Texas’s most underrated destination

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By Melanie Allen | Wealth of Geeks

Texas welcomed 279 million visitors in 2022, but 95% of them missed out on a shining jewel in the Lone Star State. Corpus Christi, the Sparkling City by the Sea, hosted 10 million travelers, only 3% of the state’s total visitors.

Don’t miss out like those 269 million people did.

Corpus Christi bursts with activity. Visit Corpus Christi invited me to explore the city’s thriving art scene, scenic beaches, and mouthwatering seafood during its annual Buc Days festival, a lively celebration of the region’s cultural heritage to help spread the word about this spectacular seaside town, and I was sold.

Discover why the Sparkling City by the Sea should be near the top of your bucket list.

A Thriving Art Scene

Though known as a beach town, Corpus Christi is home to countless artists and creatives. The city’s massive First Friday ArtWalk closes six city blocks to make room for a monthly block party and creativity celebration. The event boasts countless live music, art demonstrations, streets lined with vendors selling handmade goods, and an endless sea of food trucks.

While the ArtWalk occurs over one evening, the city’s art scene thrives year-round. Corpus Christi houses the South Texas Museum of Art, which features nearly 2,000 art pieces from the Americas while highlighting Texas. The Art Center of Corpus Christi promotes regional artists and art education through classes, exhibitions, and two on-site galleries.

The city brims with installations and murals, making it the perfect place to explore contemporary art. Corpus Christi’s downloadable art trail navigates visitors through its ample displays, sculptures, and painted utility boxes.

Stunning Natural Landscape

Situated in Texas’s gorgeous coastal bend region, Corpus Christi offers visitors beaches, sea marshes, wetlands, and miles of coastline.

The proximity of Padre Island, whose unique geography acts as a barrier island, offers visitors two types of beaches: subdued and calm inner beaches and the natural outer beaches flush with sea life and an undisturbed coast.

Explore Padre Island National Seashore, where you might glimpse dangerous sea creatures like the Portuguese Man ‘o War washed ashore, or head to Oso Bay Wetlands Reserve to learn why these rare natural areas are vital to the ecosystem.

Nature lovers won’t want to miss the South Texas Botanical Gardens, which features a lovely nature trail abundant with the region’s native flora.

Thrilling Water Sports

Corpus Christ visitors with their sea legs can adventure to North Packery Beach for surfing, jet skiing, and wakeboarding. Tourists prioritizing relaxation and indulgence can head to North Beach for a sunny, fun-filled shopping trip with countless dining offerings.

Skippers in Corpus Christi can hop aboard a deep-sea fishing charter off the coast or enjoy a scenic harbor tour. The city also offers landlubbers two pirate cruises that celebrate pirate life.

Seafood Galore

Seafood lovers will rejoice as the gulf town of Corpus Christi’s fresh fish offerings elevate every restaurant menu.

Start at Harrison’s Landing, where diners can enjoy the day’s freshest catch while floating on a barge. Try the Redfish Casino — a redfish fillet smothered with savory hollandaise, fresh pico de gallo, and avocado — or the fan-favorite shrimp boil overflowing with mussels, sausage, corn, and potatoes. Dine on oysters downtown at Water Street Oyster Bar, whose menu features no shortage of freshly caught oysters.

For more formal occasions, diners on Sunset Island can book a spot at Docs Seafood and Steaks. While restaurants in the region platform native seafood offerings, Docs’ land offerings ensure that those who don’t eat seafood can equally indulge. However, seafood fans can partake in the parmesan-crusted flounder, grilled coconut shrimp, or fresh catch, all on the waterfront.

The Buc Days Festival

Corpus Christi’s annual Buc Days, held each spring, is a yearly celebration that promotes tradition and pride within the Coastal Bend community.

The Buc Days Festival attracts thousands of guests and offers a wide range of entertainment — a lively carnival, artisan market, petting zoo, and two massive parades. In addition, Buc Days hosts the Professional Bull Riders League’s Pendleton Whisky Tour finals, allowing visitors to experience live bull riding action in person.

Most Visitors to Texas Miss Out

The sprawling state of Texas is the ideal environment for endless events and activities. Despite Corpus Christi’s bustling downtown area, Texas’s larger and more popular destinations far outpace that of the Sparkling City.

In 2022, Austin greeted nearly 30 million tourists, while San Antonio and the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex each welcomed close to 35 million. Houston surpasses them all, with 50 million visitors.

Most of Corpus Christi’s 10 million yearly visitors hail from Texas or nearby states. The city’s airport only sees 800,000 annual passengers.

There’s Far More To Explore in Corpus Christi

Don’t miss out on the plethora of experiences available in Corpus Christi. Plan your trip to the gulf and explore the stunning beaches, growing arts community, cultural experiences, adventures, and fun in the sun available in the beautiful coastal town.

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