Best cities to visit this summer

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By Elise Armitage | Wealth of Geeks

Recent flight search data indicates a massive surge in tourism to the world’s top vacation spots this summer.

Delta Airlines released a comprehensive list of the most searched international destinations for travel between May and August. Using data from, the airline identified London, Paris, and Rome as this summer’s most desirable locales.

Searches for these cities skyrocketed 150% from 2023. United States travelers are eager for international summer getaways.

Worldwide Destinations To Spend the Summer

With temperatures rising and flights filling quickly, there’s no better time to plan a jet-setting vacation for summer.

London, England

Delta cites London as the most popular summer travel destination. England’s bustling capital city is famous for its history, landmarks, and traditional charm. Travel + Leisure recommends planning an early summer trip in May, often considered the shoulder season.

Expect comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds at top attractions throughout the city. Summer is ideal for enjoying London’s outdoor parks, gardens, and markets.

Paris, France

Embark on an idyllic summer getaway to the romantic city of Paris. CNBC named Paris one of the world’s most-visited cities in 2023. Many travel there for its iconic monuments, museums, shops, and cuisine.

Cruise the River Seine at sunset or take a day trip to admire the Palace of Versailles Gardens. Visitors can shop along the Rue Saint Honoré for designer clothing, like fabulous slingback heels, beautiful leather wallets, or a shiny new necklace, to bring a piece of this fashionable city home.

Rome, Italy

Rome is an excellent place to spend the summer months. This centuries-old metropolitan area attracts international tourists seeking romance and adventure. Rome has something for everyone, from the ancient ruins to the mouthwatering restaurants and pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Kayak suggests a summer trip to Rome for warm, sunny weather. May through August are the busiest tourism months, but strategic guests can escape the crowds and still experience authentic Italian culture. Tour the city’s most famous landmarks in the morning or evening and cool off with an afternoon cup of gelato.

Orlando, Florida

Travel + Leisure considers Florida one of this summer’s best vacation spots. In popular tourist destination Orlando, theme parks are the main attraction, with millions of families flocking to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios each summer.

Aside from amusement parks, Orlando is also a haven for history buffs and artists. Tourists can visit museums, shop, and dine at diverse restaurants. Orlando is a fun and family-friendly place that appeals to travelers of all ages.

Athens, Greece

Consider Athens for a warm-weather European vacation. Weather Spark reports average temperatures around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack sunscreen and water to brave the heat and prepare for an unforgettable getaway.

Despite the high temperatures, Athens has many things to see and do in summer. Rooftop bars, airy plazas, and indoor museums offer relief from the sun and heat. The city also hosts numerous art, music, and food festivals for tourists to immerse themselves in local customs and traditions.

Dublin, Ireland

Despite Dublin’s often cool, cloudy weather, the historic city shines between June and August. It likely isn’t the first summer locale that comes to mind, but it’s worth considering.

“Dublin is at its most beautiful in the summer,” explains Alicia Richards of Travels With the Crew. “Hanging baskets full of flowers are on every corner, and the beautiful green landscape Ireland is known for is on display.”

Lonely Planet says guests can explore Dublin’s rich cultural heritage by partaking in its warm-weather offerings, seasonal events, and street festivals. The sun’s rare appearance enchants locals and tourists who crave an escape from the rain and wind.

Cancún, Mexico

The exciting city of Cancún sits on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It’s divided into downtown El Centro and the beachfront Zona Hotelera, which draw worldwide attention for their restaurants, bars, and live music venues.

According to Travel + Leisure, June through November is the best time to visit the infamous spring break destination, as summer offers minimal crowds. However, prepare for rainy conditions, as this coincides with hurricane season.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a charming place to spend a European summer vacation. Bicycling lies at the heart of Amsterdam’s culture, and guests enjoy the scenery on a canal boat tour or biking along the city’s extensive path network.

“When visiting Amsterdam, Netherlands, the summer weather is hard to beat,” says Marjolein Dilven, founder of Spark Nomad. “It’s light until 10-11:00 p.m., and everybody is out and about.”

U.S. News Travel reports June through August as the spot’s hottest months, making it ideal for a summer trip. Plan trips in advance to score the lowest prices on lodging and transportation. Summer is the peak tourist season in Amsterdam, so booking travel early is essential to stay on budget.

“Take into account that summer months are busier, so plan visits to popular sights like the Red Light District in advance,” Dilven recommends.

Vancouver, British Columbia

U.S. News Travel ranked Vancouver among the world’s 20 best summer destinations for 2024. The publication highlighted the city’s festivals and outdoor areas as reasons to visit between June and August. This time of year, there are many things for art, music, and food lovers to see and do.

Vancouver’s mild, dry summers are prime for sightseeing. Embark on a thrilling suspension bridge tour to see the city from above or unwind at one of its waterfront parks.

“Vancouver’s stunning natural beauty and diverse outdoor activities make it a hiker’s paradise in the summer,” says Bella Bucchiotti, a former Vancouver resident. “From the lush forests of Stanley Park to the breathtaking views atop Grouse Mountain, there’s no shortage of hiking trails to explore and mountains to conquer.”

Tokyo, Japan

Many tourists flock to Tokyo for its storied past and fascinating blend of traditional and modern influences. With royal palaces, acres of forests, and world-class cuisine, a trip to Tokyo guarantees excitement and adventure.

Though Tokyo is a top travel destination this summer, it’s also one of the furthest from the U.S. Prepare for lengthy flights by packing a blanket, headphones, and a travel pillow.

Barcelona, Spain

The bustling city of Barcelona is a fantastic place to visit this summer. Weather Spark suggests planning a trip in July or August to take advantage of the hot weather. Temperatures typically peak in August, with an average high of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Barcelona’s location on the Mediterranean Sea provides refreshing ocean breezes that make summer more tolerable. Popular activities include admiring architecture, picnicking in local parks, and visiting the beach.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Google Flights data shared with ABC News labels Las Vegas as one of 2024’s top 10 most-searched summer locations. Tourists worldwide recognize the Mojave Desert escape for its exciting nightlife, countless casinos, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

A summer getaway allows guests to enjoy Las Vegas to the fullest. Let loose and beat the heat by attending pool parties. Tourists can also head indoors to attractions like the Mob Museum or The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails.

Honolulu, Hawaii

“Don’t be afraid to visit Honolulu in the summer!” Karee Blunt of Our Woven Journey says.

Located on the southern shores of Oahu, the state capital offers endless exploration opportunities. Adventurous guests can enjoy water sports like surfing and kayaking. The area boasts world-class scenery, including picturesque coastlines and an imposing volcanic crater, Diamond Head.

“Waikiki Beach was hopping, so if that bothers you, visit quieter beaches like the Lagoons at Ko’Olina,” Blunt continues. “Punch Bowl National Memorial is another beautiful but quieter location that should be on everyone’s itinerary.”

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