OUR VIEW: ECISD scores showing gains this year

THE POINT: Kudos to the kiddos and to educators within ECISD on moving up with recent STAAR results.

After a week of disruption with shooting and bomb threat hoaxes that disrupted the school days locally and statewide there is still good news for ECISD.

Ector County ISD students showed improvement in spring 2023 STAAR results and End of Course exams, closing gaps with the state.

We offer our congrats to them and encouragement to keep closing the gap. The years of disruption from COVID likely play a big role in scores and to see these gaps close is a big deal.

The changes made to the state’s accountability system means comparisons to 2022 scores are not apples-to-apples, however, improvement is evident from 2022 to 2023 in the majority of tested areas.

There is still much work to be done, but pats on the back to educators and students are important. It is important as well to celebrate victories.

ECISD Superintendent Scott Muri was celebrating and congratulating all while also pledging to work on areas where scores did not improve.

The state redesigned the STAAR test for this year, so it looked different for students. It was all computer based.

Despite the changes the ECISD students for the most part did a good job this year.

Muri also issued a challenge to parents. “One of the things that the state of Texas has done this year is they’ve created a brand-new parent portal. Today it’s available to every parent, guardian. They can log into their child’s account, their Texas account, and they have access to the entire assessment. So a mom and a dad can see every single question that their third- grader, fourth-grader, fifth-grader was asked. They can see exactly how their child responded. They can actually read what their child wrote on the exam and then the parent can also see the correct answers. This is what your child should have written, or said, and then finally, how to help your child. If your child was not successful, this particular website provides very specific information for the parent. These are things that you can do at home to ensure that your child is more successful. We’re going to do some work as a district to make sure that every single parent is well aware of this website, but it is fascinating and equips a parent with all the information that they need to support your child from home.”

We agree with that challenge and encourage parents to jump in and make a difference because here’s the cold, hard truth. Teachers cannot do it by themselves. Parents must do their part and build the kiddos up and help them by being involved at home and school.

Know what your children are studying and know what their struggles are. Great teachers and great parents can grow not only great students but educated and capable human beings.

There is work to do and that work cannot fall on just teachers.

“The good news is that we’re progressing and you can see that in our areas that we’re making the right kind of progress,” so they will double down on the work they are doing, Muri said.

Again, we completely agree.

Congrats to all the students and parents and teachers and to ECISD. Keep up the great work!