LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will employers ever learn?

By Carlton Sanderson Midland

Bust to boom—-strongest recovery ever in three years; lessons learned – no! Symptoms continue cycle-to-cycle.

“Tight fisted” management “strike while the iron is hot.” “Asleep at the wheel” – again!

Workers struggle in escalating “cost of living.” Management apparently doesn’t care and wonders why there is “no loyalty,’ high ‘turnover,’ and no replacements easily acquired.”

‘Family owned businesses” do well. Loyalty given exceptional value regardless of economy.

Cannot change the fact workers are the lifeblood of any company. It is dangerous to be anemic with no hope of a transfusion!

Workers have to be given a top priority regardless of the economy. If they are struggling and unhappy, the company will have recurring problems. Count on it!

How many times over the years has the Permian Basin cycled bust to boom and repeat? And what do the pompous elite who have control of the ‘purse strings’ do? They ignore the worker in favor of maximizing profits—-corporate greed in the ‘oil patch.’ Maybe they make a meager effort, but it is always meager and the worker knows it. “Kiss my ass,” is the operative phrase of the worker spoken in confidence. And how could you blame them – especially today?

There are a number of pompous asses in the ‘feeding frenzy’ currently going on in the Permian Basin in the oil patch and supportive economies. And that is why “Help Wanted” signs are everywhere you look. Now is the time to illicit loyalty and that is the lesson to be learned.