LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tell local GOP a simple no

Saturday’s headline in the OA confirmed why I no longer consider myself a Republican after 65 years of voting in support. This is no longer the Republican Party I grew up with. To insert partisan party politics into a local issue and one that is so needed to be addressed is terrible.

If a local citizen wants to complain and start a petition that is one thing but to have the local GOP to do so is unconscionable. Whether a CO is authorized or a bond issue is put before the public, the cost of our water and our taxes are going to go up. But, they are going to be going up anyway because prior administrations at all levels in Ector County have put off needed repairs to our infrastructure, public buildings. and schools until they can’t be put off any longer. We have professional public servants working for us and they have laid out a convincing argument whether or not a cabal of city council members wants to believe them on why a CO is the way to go.

There will be plenty of opportunities for the public to voice their opinion about the CO option and to then contact their councilperson with how they want them to vote. There is no need to force a bond election whose outcome given past bond elections would be questionable while the need to fix our water problems is not. I hope if anyone reading this is approached to sign a petition by the GOP that they will politely tell them NO!

Charles Cotten