LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stringer shows his character

By Mark Bennett Odessa

Matthew Stringer, the inexperienced and overly ambitious young man running for Justice of the Peace, continues to demonstrate why he is immature and unfit to be a Justice.

On his Facebook page last Sunday, responding to an ad in the OA by Missi Walden which highlighted the names of some of her supporters both republican and democrat, he described her list as “riddled with Leftist Democrats”.

What an astonishingly partisan statement! The ad simply shows that she is respected by Lawyers of both parties because of her courtroom experience. This biased statement confirms he could never be impartial or non-political.

Then he says he will focus on his “superior knowledge of the law”. I couldn’t stop laughing! Matthew has Zero legal experience or education and Missi has 27 years hands-on in courtrooms. She has 180 hours of specialized courtroom training and has coordinated and observed every kind of case imaginable. Finally, he disparages 2 of our leading citizens, publicly calling them “disgraced” because they support Missi.

Is this the kind of name-calling, immaturity we want as a Justice? There is no comparison between the biased, immaturity of Matthew and the experience, maturity and impartiality of Missi. Ector County deserves a qualified Justice. Get up and go vote Missi.