LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bus the teens up to D.C.

We’ve been watching our federal government actions with regard to southern border policy.

During the 2020 campaign the Biden/Harris rhetoric was an encourager to Central Americans to move up through Mexico toward the US border. Then, after the November election concluded and the inauguration was accomplished, the number of illegal border crossings began to climb, soon overtaking our CBP resources. The Biden/Harris administration officials began bussing teenage boys into contracted facilities in Texas. Without prior consultation with local or state government, hundreds then thousands, of these teenage boys were relocated.

Carrizo Springs, Midland, San Antonio, Dallas, and other places, became holding sites. All of a sudden COVID19 infections and deaths moved off the daily news cycle. Why? Because 10% of these imported teenagers were positive — but we weren’t supposed to know that. Now, as I write this, those same teenage boys are being redistributed to unannounced destinations all over the country — except … DC.

All of this was avoidable.

A perfect location to solve this situation.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, created a perfect holding area when she had the Capitol Building complex fenced off from the rest of the country they rule. Bus all those teenage boys to DC. House them in the Capitol complex in order for them to personally thank those who encouraged and facilitated their hazardous trek to our border. Maybe they’ll be compensated for the smuggler fees paid to the cartels to guarantee safe passage. DC is not a state. Congress governs the District. Therefore, consultation with local and state governments wouldn’t be necessary. The District and the surrounding Virginia and Maryland counties are the wealthiest in the US outside Silicon Valley, California. Why, those boys could be cleaned up, dressed up, green-carded, then contracted out for all sorts of service occupations “Americans won’t do”.

Doug Moss