LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Biden is a terrible president

Our pseudopresident, Joe Biden, has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments. In only seven and a half months, he has increased the mass invasion on our southern by a factor of about ten. And, about 60 percent of those have Covid, so he has achieved new levels of an infectious disease!

Next, in only seven and a half months, he has caused a massive rise in the inflation rate, it having gone from 1.76% in 2020, to 4.76% now. Gasoline has gone from $1.79 cents a gallon just last year, to nearly $3 dollars a gallon now, and even higher in some locations.

Biden has appointed idiots to Cabinet positions, like we haven’t seen since Obama’s term. We’ve got the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is more concerned with insuring that our military is “woke”, and thoroughly learned in diversity, than he is with them being militarily prepared for war. His press secretary, Psaki, has the amazing ability to concoct an outrageous prevarication on an instant’s notice, like when a reporter asks her a question.

Which, of course, is all she can do, since she is brain dead.

Next, he picked Harris as his pesudovice president, when her only qualifications are her race and sex. The latter of which is the way she got her start in politics! She has done nothing in any job

Biden gave her, such as the border. She can’t answer a question without cackling like a hen who just laid an egg. And, it seems that her grandparents were major slave owners in Jamaica, which should have aroused the instant rage of all BLM idiots, and other liberals. But, of course, since she was a Democrat, she gets a pass!

And, finally, he has added one more score to our record of wars won and lost. The count is 3 wins, and now 3 losses. We won the American Revolution, WWI, and WWII. We lost Viet Nam, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. Not to even mention the absurd and disgraceful way he pulled our troops out of Afghanistan! We didn’t win in Korea, we merely achieved a truce. We haven’t won a war since WWII, which ended in 1945, so we have a stretch of 76 years of losses.

Sandy Milner