LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote Yes for our future

Odessans have an opportunity on November 7th to make a positive impact on our students…the future in Ector County. There are many great things happening in ECISD today and the passage of this bond will create more opportunities for more students to get engaged, find their passion, and build a strong foundational path that will ensure their future success in life, leading them to become productive members of our great and growing community.

Our organization has the privilege of working with ECISD daily to bring innovative educational opportunities to our students. We have heard of the obstacles our teachers and students face but most importantly, we’ve heard – and seen – the potential our district has to provide the best educational experience to our students. This bond will ensure that our students are safe. It will ensure that more students have more opportunities to take advantage of the benefits our district has to offer. It will ensure that our district is on its way to providing adequate space for our students to learn.

The Education Foundation Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Propositions A, B, and C in the 2023 Bond as we feel it is what is best for our students. We want to empower YOU to vote YES for our students, vote YES for our future!

Education Foundation Board of Directors