LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Trump did everything for America

The Muller investigation into Trump’s so-called Russian collusion turned out to be a bust. There was no collusion. The Durham investigation also exonerated Trump. The investigation into the Ukraine phone call also went nowhere, due to the two main witnesses lying. Trump was acquitted in the Senate on both of his House impeachments, even with the Democrats having the majority in the Senate.

During Trump’s term as President, inflation was at 1.4 percent. Unemployment was at the lowest level in 40 years, and black unemployment was at its lowest level in history. The U.S. was completely energy-independent for the first in about 50 years. We were even selling oil to the rest of the world. And, gasoline was at $2.29 per gallon as as the national average, and here in West Texas, it was at $1.89 per gallon most places.

The Trump administration was not censoring anybody; was not attacking liberal groups; was not using the IRS or the DOJ to go after political enemies; was not attacking freedom of speech; and supported the 2nd Amendment.

There was also the most secured southern border in history, and illegal border crossings were at about 80,000 per year.

When Biden took office in 2020, inflation shot up to 9% in 3 months, and gas prices went to levels not seen since the oil embargo of 1973. Our southern became non-existent, and about 8 million illegals have entered the country, with hundreds of thousands continuing to stream in still. Biden weaponized the IRS and the DOJ to go after his political enemies, and anybody who disagreed with him and his Democrats. Biden has systematically attacked Christians, pro-lifers, gun owners, parents who resist schools trying to transition their children to a different sex, and conservatives in general.

Under Biden, we now owe China more money than we can ever repay, and they are threatening to take over Taiwan, because they know that Biden is too weak to stand up to them. He supports Hamas and the Palestinians more than he supports Israel, who is our only real ally in the Middle East.

Biden’s Cabinet consists of people who are grossly incompetent in their positions, and in a couple of cases (Sam Brinton, for one), he has appointed actual criminals to Cabinet positions. As well as the fact that Biden and his son Hunter, actively engaged in influence-peddling, bribery, and money-laundering.

In short, Trump, did everything for America, and Biden has done nothing, except try to destroy it! Remember, Trump even served without taking his salary, instead, donating it every quarter to various charities. We sure haven’t seen Biden making any kind of gesture like that!

To sum up, the Democrats are the true enemies of democracy, rather than Trump, as the Democrats constantly attempt to make him out.



Sandy Milner