LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for change

I agree 100% with Bro Hill. It’s time for change. Tisha Crow has been in office too long. Her precinct chairs clearly have not been doing their jobs. I’ve lived in precinct 203 for 33 years and have never heard from a precinct chair until this election.

Appointed precinct chair 203 Carmen Wilhite posted this week on Odessa’s Accountability page that it is our “lack of concern” that we didn’t know our precinct chairs. She literally blamed the voters because precinct chairs weren’t doing their job! And like Bro, I’m appalled by the “re-elect” campaign signs. These people were clearly not doing their duties and have never been elected by the voters.

Let’s clean house. On March 5th vote for Donna Kelm and vote out Tisha’s precinct chairs!

Mark Bennett