LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Odessa Swamp got kicked out

In a recent letter to the Odessa American, W.R. ‘Bro’ Hill, made some unfounded accusations against the Ector County Republican Party that must be set straight.

I have noticed that the old swamp is really good at making accusations, but terrible at stating facts to back up their claims.

For example, Mr Hill and others have said that the ECRP “brutally attacked” Brooks Landgraf during his 2022 election. However, I don’t recall a single article, endorsement, radio interview, or social media post put out by the Ector County Republican Party either supporting or attacking Mr Landgraf. The Ector County Republican Party has always been very public when endorsing or opposing candidates by issuing written public statements. I would challenge Mr. Hill to produce any evidence of the Party “attacking” Mr. Landgraf.

What the swamp would like for you to believe is the lie that when an individual exercises their constitutional right to support any candidate that they want, the entire ECRP Board shares that same position. (Well… at least any time they can use it to concoct another lie to support their narrative.)

In addition, Mr Hill is either completely uneducated about the election process, or disseminating lies just like Ronnie Lewis, in an effort to gaslight local voters by stringing together a series of false statements (lies) about how, under Texas law, the election process works. Mr. Hill wants voters to be misled into believing the currently elected Republican Precinct Chairs somehow obtained their seats in a nefarious plot orchestrated by our Party Chair.

Unlike the swamp, I don’t just make accusations, here is where I show support for my statements:

The Texas Election Law in Section 171.0221 clearly states, “If only one candidate’s name is to be placed on the ballot for the office of precinct chair and no candidate’s name is to be placed on the list of write in candidates for that office, the election for that office is not held, and the unopposed candidate, if otherwise eligible shall be declared ELECTED to the office at the time of the local canvass.” Several of our current incumbent precinct chairs were ELECTED in this manner.

The Texas Election Law in Section 171.024 clearly states, “FILLING VACANCY. (a) The county executive committee shall fill by appointment any vacancy on the committee. “ Several of our current incumbent precinct chairs were also seated in this manner. Note that Texas law prescribes the method to fill empty seats by the county executive committee and not the county chair and that’s exactly the process that has been followed by our Republican Party.

Sorry Bro, Carmen Wilhite — your precinct chair — is not violating Texas law by running for re-election as she is the current and legally precinct chair for precinct 203. As such, she is running for re-election, so perhaps you should quit trying to create a false narrative in an attempt to mislead voters.

Bro is correct on one item. Tisha Crow has been the ECRP Chairperson for the last 14 years. What he failed to mention was several facts about Tisha Crow’s leadership:

Fact #1 — When Mrs Crow took office as Ector County Republican Chairperson, there were approximately 8 precinct chairs (and they all looked just like Bro Hill). Now, there are almost 30 precinct chairs from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds. This is called community engagement and growth of the party.

Fact #2 — When Mrs Crow took office, the party had almost no money in the bank and was struggling to pay the bills. The ECRP is financially stronger now than ever before in history. This is called fiscal responsibility.

Fact#3 — For the first time in history, Ector County has a totally Republican County Commissioners Court. This is called furthering the conservative agenda.

Fact #4 — The Odessa City Council is all Republican apart from one Democrat councilman. With the continued help and support of the voters, the city council will one day also be totally Republican. This is called keeping our community a deep shade of Republican red.

Fact #5 — Under Mrs Crow’s leadership, Ector County turned out 25% more Republican Voters to the polls in the 2020 general election than it did in 2016. With her leadership we anticipate that growth will be even greater in this year’s 2024 general election. This is called leadership.

Based on facts — instead of your unsubstantiated accusations — the evidence is clear that Tisha Crow and the incumbent precinct chairs that make up the Ector County Republican Party Executive Committee have done a fabulous job.

On March the 5th, the voters of Odessa and Ector County have a choice:

Vote to take a chance on a new ECRP chairperson that led the Ector County Republican Women’s Club from a total membership of 714 in 2019 to an anemic current membership of 122 in 2023.


Look at the facts and vote for a proven leader that has grown the Ector County Republican Party and has proven that she is willing to fight for our conservative values and the platform of the Texas Republican Party each and every day.

In early voting which begins February 20th or on election day March 5th, please follow the facts and not the conjecture, and please vote for the proven leader for Ector County Republican Party Chairperson, my wife, Tisha Crow.

Kris Crow