LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks for Opening My Eyes

Let me first start by saying that I have lived in Odessa since July of 1997, and I have always voted Republican in every election i have voted in my entire life.

I for one have not ever taken an active role in local politics but everything i have seen and heard over the last few years is enough for even someone like me to see it’s time for a change in the leadership of our local Republican Party. This was verified this weekend as multiple group texts went out from our current leadership on behalf of current precinct chairs and those running for Precinct Chair.

I personally received one of these text on behalf of Tim Harry, my current Precinct Chair in 110. Let’s keep in mind that this is the first time I have ever heard from him, and it is in a generic group text. he informs me that his opponent Dallas Kennedy “straddles the fence on aligning with those same elites and DEMOCRATS that want to regain control.

He states that we must stop the Democrats and their operatives from stealing our election.

Now here is an interesting fact you know who I have met in person? Dallas Kennedy knocked on my door this weekend personally. Then I find out a similar text went out on behalf of Mayor Joven stating his opponent Richard Pierce continues to lie and misrepresent the work of the local Republican party and has continued to make outrageous claims about local republicans.

That he has also been endorsed by a group who has recruited and endorsed Democrats to run in the Republican Primary. Now I do know Richard Pierce personally and have gone to church with him for over 12 years.

One thing I know about Richard Pierce is that he is a man of integrity, a Godly Man and a Family man. I am shocked by the tactics that are being executed by those seeking office. At the bottom of both these texts as well as the fliers left on my door by other candidates backed by the current leadership is the statement to reelect Tisha Crow Republican Party Chair along with her statement to not AUSTIN my Odessa!

Well from someone who is obviously on the outside looking in but a registered republican voter I would rather you not WASHINGTON DC My Odessa with your dirty political tactics. All of this backs up what was put out a few weeks ago about this training that was held for the current leadership of our Republican Party on how to counter your political opponent.

As I stated in the beginning I have never taken an active role in our local politics, but it is obviously time that myself and those like me wake up and realize what is happening in our local Republican Party. I would like to Thank both our current leadership and Those seeking a change for getting the information out to the citizens of Odessa so that we may make our own decision as to what change we desire for our Ector County Republican Party Leadership. No matter where you land on the view of all that is taking place the one thing, we must all do is get out and vote. Let Your Voice be heard in our current political climate we cannot afford to let 8% of the voters make that decision for us.

Curtis Gullett