LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you Ronnie Lewis

Can we all just take a minute to thank Ronnie Lewis! Ronnie started talking to voters last year and started writing letters to the editor all about the Ector County Republican Party and something no one had ever heard of before, “Precinct Chairs”.

Ronnie kept repeating “precinct chairs” over and over and I couldn’t really grasp why these people had the ability to keep me from voting when we didn’t even know who they were, had never heard from them and didn’t vote on them.

But now that the Precinct Chairs will be facing opponents in upcoming election, guess what? Precinct Chairs have come out of hiding. How many of you received letters over the holidays? These are the same people that tried desperately to deny you an opportunity to vote for County Chair. And now they are asking for your vote! Not going to happen!

Ronnie is being called “Lying Lewis” by Republican County Chair Tisha Crow and her husband Kriston Crow for repeatedly claiming the Precinct Chairs were appointed. Well, I get a letter from my current Precinct Chair and in the letter she clearly states she was voted on by the other precinct chairs. She proves Ronnie correct. They appoint each other. They have not been elected by the voters.

If it had not been for Ronnie informing the voters, the Precinct Chairs would still be in hiding, County Chair candidate Donna Kelm would not have been allowed on the ballot, and Ector County would have been denied their right to vote for County Chair.

Thankfully Ronnie’s persistence paid off. Three precinct chairs stepped up, signed for Kelm and 6 precinct chairs that Ronnie helped recruit are unopposed. The dynamics of the Ector County Republican Party has already changed! Let’s stop Tisha Crow’s power grab, bullying and intimidation tactics.

Mark Bennett