LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Take an opponent or sit down

Ronnie Lewis for months has been enlightening voters about the antics of the local Republican Party. His goal has been to stop the nastiness and the bullying.

Ronnie has written repeatedly how Republican County Chair Tisha Crow’s executive board bullies candidates and others that do not agree with them.

Well, Tisha Crow proved Ronnie 100% correct. This week there was not one, but two hit pieces out on him. One was full of ridiculous accusations, all false and the hit piece failed miserably. The other written by Crow herself took another angle and decided to label him a Democratic Operative. Even came with screen shots.

Oh my! Yes, Ronnie talks to Democrats. Ronnie talks to people on the west side, south side, north side and east side. Ronnie talks to anyone that will listen. He has repeatedly and unapologetically said he wants to stop the bullying at the Republican Headquarters. And if that means working and reaching across the aisle so be it. If that means supporting a candidate in a non partisan race that isn’t a part of the Tisha Crow cabal so be it.

Tisha Crow until you accept a candidate you can just sit down and stop whining. We aren’t listening to you. Republican voters want new leadership.

I support Ronnie Lewis 100%.

Susan Jones