LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Some candidates are hostile

I write to you today with a heavy heart, compelled by a sense of duty to shed light on the concerning state of affairs in Ector County politics. It pains me to witness the resurgence of old tactics and the stifling of voices that dare to speak out against them.

In recent days, I have been witness to attempts at intimidation and suppression of inquiry that have left me deeply troubled. As citizens, we have a right to ask questions and expect honest, transparent responses from those who seek to represent us. Yet, it seems that even the most basic queries are met with hostility and deflection.

Take, for instance, the recent absence of Mr. Duboise from Monday night’s Ector County Republican Party debate. When I dared to inquire about his absence, I was met not with a straightforward answer, but with attempts to silence and discredit me. This behavior is not only disrespectful but also indicative of a larger pattern of evasion and manipulation.

Furthermore, the deliberate scheduling of conflicting events by Mr. Ronnie Lewis and his associates is a blatant disregard for the democratic process. By avoiding direct engagement with their opponents and the community, they undermine the fundamental principles of accountability and transparency.

As voters, we must not tolerate such behavior. We must demand better from our elected officials and those vying for office. Political signs may line our streets, but it is the voices of the people that truly matter. We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by empty promises and intimidation tactics.

I urge my fellow citizens to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections and to cast their ballots against Mr. Lewis and his cohorts. We have made great strides as a community, and it would be a disservice to revert to the days of unchecked influence and coercion.

In closing, let us remember that true progress is achieved through unity, courage, and unwavering commitment to the values of democracy. Let us stand together in defense of our rights and our future.

Respectfully and with prayer,

Patti Kappauf