LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ​Odessa issues are too much

I recently wrote a letter to the OA urging folks to vote in this upcoming election and to start advocating for the problems facing our city and county. One of those was the litter problem with all the trash on vacant lots and along our streets and highways, but I have encountered an even bigger potential litter problem and that is our trash pickup by the Sanitation Department.

My bin has not been emptied now for over a week and is overflowing. I called last week and was told about the problem of half the fleet being down for lack of parts and the problem with getting them. They also mentioned how long it would take to get the new trucks that have been ordered, 2 to 3 years. But, they said they would be out the first of this week to empty the bins on my street. I’m still waiting.

Today I called back and was told that for nine routes for East Odessa, there were only two trucks available and that business and apartment complexes had priority over residential property.

I called City Hall to speak to my Councilman about this and the young lady answering the phone had problems understanding what I wanted, couldn’t spell my street name, and had to be reminded of who I wanted to speak to.

I asked how long she had been with the city and was told, two months. How much knowledge has been lost at City Hall under the current administration? City Services really need to be investigated.

Then in the mail I got another propaganda piece from Tisha Crow proudly promoting how “Red” Odessa has become winning political race after race. If this is the best they can do, Heaven help us!

Charles Cotten