LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Longtime Odessan: Vote for Donna Kelm and honesty

As I am fastly approaching my 85th birthday, I’m just as concerned now about politics in the city where I was born.

After attending a rally at Jimbo’s Garage, I started feeling I need to start taking this more seriously.

Ronnie Lewis has written about me and my friend and neighbor Sammie having a neighborhood Meet & Greet after Donna Kelm and Gary Johnson said they would like that.

That really lit a fire under me and Sammie and we’ve been on an adventure since then. I’ve got the best neighbors/friends.

We covered our neighborhood with signs for Donna and Gary. Even had the same young woman who had come to my door and started saying untruths about Donna and didn’t think I should vote for Gary either. That someone went and rang doorbells and ask why they had made those signs in their yard. Well, that just made the fire burn brighter!

I’ve been so fortunate to have friends spread out across Odessa and we’ve been out putting up signs for Donna.

We all need to reach out and support Donna Kelm. We need a big change after the past 14 years. It’s time for a change.

I attended the rally at Big Daddy’s but left before it was crashed by Donna’s opponent’s husband and some of his cronies.

To me that was pure juvenile on their part and just shows how low they can sink! We must not follow this example! Lets take the high road all the way to helping Donna Kelm win and vote in all new Precinct Chairs! We can do this by spreading the word for all and most importantly go vote and take a friend to vote!

Nita Martel