LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local GOP putting all Republicans in bad light

I have put this off and prayed whether I should do it or not. But the future of something I love dearly is at stake and I cannot hold back anymore. I am very involved in the Republican Women’s club which has been around since 1960 in Ector County. What is going on now with the Ector County Republican Party which, is not a part of the Women’s Club has put all Republicans in a bad position. People no longer want to be part of the Republican effort. Our state is going to turn BLUE if we don’t fix our problems.

Because I stand up for what I feel is right I am one of the people on the local Republican Party Hit list called a Democratic Operative, a Liberal and a Trans Republican. I have worked in elections for over 20 years as a Republican. I have voted all my adult life as a Republican, served as President of ECRW and Pac Treasurer. I have been a delegate to numerous state Republican Conventions. I have also been a delegate twice in NFRW national conventions. I have helped local candidates in their election to the hospital board and school board. If this is what you call Liberal & democratic operative somebody is badly mistaken!!

Everything that is being published in the Ector County Politics Facebook page is true and factual. Odessa Accountability has a paid writer working for them, and who is paying her? They tend to favor the Executive Board of the Party and its family members.

Now I want to talk about Ronnie Lewis. Have you met him or his family. I compare Ronnie Lewis to Donald Trump. Trump was not a politician and tells everything just like he sees it. Trump loves America and saw what was happening, so he jumped in to try and fix it. Ronnie is bold to try and fix this mess. He loves Odessa and has spent his whole life in Odessa. Anybody that really knows Ronnie knows he is a true conservative redneck Republican. Just like 75% of the Trump supporters.

Nobody even knew they had a precinct chair before this election cycle. All the precinct chairs that have never been on a ballot are getting an idea of what being elected is about. Richard Pierce & Mark Matta are the only truly elected precinct chairs. Although Mark Matta was elected for 312 not 309 where he now lives. Jeff Russell has never won an election against an opponent on a ballot. Yet his signs says re-elect!

It is very hard to get good people to run for elected offices. I see why with all the turmoil in a simple precinct chair election.

Any person Republican or Democrat that wants term limits should question somebody in an office for 14 years! Donna Kelm is a hardworking, highly intelligent businesswomen. She is passionate about everything she is involved in. She will protect her husband, children, and grandchildren.

She lives to honor God and Country. It is time for a change in the Republican Party starting with County Chair and Precinct Chairs. Help us fight the fight to Keep Texas Red by voting. The future of our community is in your hands. Early voting starts February 20th and ends Match 1st. Election Day is March 5th.

Judy Maikell Calloway