LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kick out current precinct chairs, Tisha Crow

I think we’ve all become fed up with the current Ector County Republican Party. Tisha Crow has been Republican Chair for 14 years. It’s past time for new leadership. They’ve abused their power. They brutally attacked Brooks Landgraf during his 2022 election. And continue to attack all candidates they can’t control. They have even sunk so low as to post mudslinging signs outside the Republican Headquarters. A building that should be welcoming to all Republicans not just the hand selected candidates and their small group of supporters.

Currently, Tisha and her precinct chairs are misleading voters. They recently came up with a list of candidates “endorsed by the Ector County Republican Party”. These candidates were voted on by the very same precinct chairs being endorsed. If anything voters should use this as a list of candidates “not to vote for”.

Also in my precinct 203, Carmen Wilhite has a couple of yards signs out they read “Re-Elect Carmen Wilhite”. Re-elect? The first time I had ever heard from any precinct chair was back in December when Ms. Wilhite sent out a letter. She states in that letter she was voted on by the precinct chairs in November. She has never gone through an election cycle. She’s never been duly elected. I would assume this is even a campaign violation. She’s definitely misleading voters.

Ector County there’s a slew of new candidates running. Let’s support these candidates. It’s time for change!

W. R. ‘Bro’ Hill