Letter to the editor: Kelm keeping it classy

Saturday, I received a text from my precinct chair 202 Brandon Pugh. I had never heard from him until this election. The text was full of dishonest statements and actually made me nauseous. I’ve known Traci and most of these candidates for over 30 years. They are not Democrats.

I want to thank Donna Kelm, Traci Gregston and the other candidates that are brave enough to run against these people. Kelm and candidates kept their campaign classy. No mudslinging, just asking for our support and our votes.

And that’s why I can’t wait to go vote for both Kelm and Gregston. Early voting started Tuesday. Get out and vote! Let’s stop the dirty campaigning in Ector County. They attacked Brooks Landgraf in 2022 and they are attacking candidates now. Vote Kelm!

Dana Henry