LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s time to vote for change

We are all so fortunate that we live in the United States of America where we have the privilege to vote! Yes you can make a difference by simply voting!

Odessa desperately needs changes in our Ector Co. Republican Party Chair and actually voting for our Precinct Chair that we choose instead of having them appointed!

Changes don’t happen if we don’t vote! Our local politics are just as important as voting for President. Unfortunately Republican voters don’t get out to vote like Democrats. Just do some research and you will see that statement is true.

There is curb side voting for those that have difficulty walking, etc. So if you know someone that might need a hand to get them to the polls where they can wait in the car while you go in and request curb side voting for them. They must have their ID with them. Think how good you will feel that you did a kind deed for someone. Remember you could one day find yourself in need.

True a voter can request a mail in ballot but sometimes we enjoy going to vote even if its curb side.

Can’t blame the weather. Looking ahead the weather for early voting starting on Feb. 20 is going to be beautiful. Go Vote!

Exercise your right and show pride that you can vote. Snipping about how you don’t like the way our city is being run or for that matter our county doesn’t get you any where.

At least when you go vote, you’ve made your opinion heard. We don’t always see our candidates win but you at least cast your vote to make a difference.

Lets keep Texas Red and the only way we do that is as Republicans we exercise our right to vote!!!

Vote for Donna Kelm for Ector Co Republican Party Chair and if your in Precinct 209 vote for Gary Johnson and all other precincts vote for the candidates that are actually running instead of voting for the ones that were appointed. Mae your voice heard. Go vote!!!!!! The only precinct chair that can rightfully say on his signs to re-elect is incumbent Richard Pierce in 204.

All others that say re-elect haven’t been elected. They were appointed not elected. Until you actually run for an office and win, can you be re-elected? Go vote.

Nita Martel