LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It’s time to kick out the liars in Ector County

My Ector County friends and family. If anyone dares to challenge the current leadership of the Ector County Republican Chair and her followers they are called Rhino’s, Trans-Republicans and drunks.

The people that have stepped up and decided that it is time for a leadership change in our local Republican party are respected business men and women, concerned citizens and Republicans. Most of them are lifelong Ector County residents, active in the community and churches.

Don’t fall for the lies and name calling from the current ECRP and the Odessa Accountability Facebook page. It’s time for a change in leadership of the local Republican party. Please get out and vote. Your one vote can and will make a difference this year. Contact your friends, family and neighbors. Early voting starts February 20, election day is March 5.

Thank you,

Richard Pierce