LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It is time for change in Ector County

This past Tuesday I attended a rally for County Chair candidate Donna Kelm along with other candidates for Precinct Chair. During the rally, Kris Crow along with others decided they would try to crash our rally. Along with Kris, Jeff Russell and 2 other candidates indicated they just wanted to invite our candidates to a debate that was already scheduled and not once did they contact Mrs. Kelm to see if she or any other candidates might be able to make it. According to Mr. Crow that is just too many people to coordinate a day and time with, however they did call media to see if they could make it so they could mediate it. So did you Kris come to invite candidates or to bully people? Why did you not come Tisha? Why did you send your husband to do your dirty work?

After such rally and talking to a Crow candidate, I have done some investigating and found that most of the current Precinct Chairs were not elected but in fact appointed by Tish Crow herself. I found that since 2012 there has only been 3 actual races for Precinct Chair so to me Tisha isn’t doing her job of getting the word out concerning Precinct Chairs.

I was told that I needed to get involved if I wanted to be qualified for a Precinct chair but going to Ector County Republican party meetings isn’t possible because they are close door meetings. Why? What is so secret that other Republicans can’t attend? I was also told that the reason Donna had trouble getting signatures in order to run was that they didn’t feel she was qualified. Really, or it is only cause any Precinct chair Tisha appoints gets out cast by her cronies if they sign allowing someone else to run against her.

Lastly, I was told the Crow cabal does not play dirty, really what do you consider what is being done by your squad?

Susan Jones