LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I don’t want a kinder, gentler GOP

I hear some people calling for a kinder, gentler Republican party. They claim that the party in Ector County is just too mean and harsh and is not inclusive enough. They ask “Why can’t we just get along with everyone?”.

Well, what I want to know is how effective has the Ector County GOP been?

I don’t want a kinder Republican party, I want one that will fight for what is right, not what is going to benefit the people in power which is what we had before the current City Council was in place.

I don’t want to go-along-to-get-along any longer. I want to support people that will fight for fiscal accountability and not use the system to their advantage. People that will demand that our government works effectively and efficiently and ensure that every taxpayer dollar is wisely spent – regardless of whose apple cart is upset. I want Trump, not Mitt Romney.

I trust the current Ector County Republican Board. I know we should endorse those that are trying to make our city, county, state, and country better rather than the local powers that be who see an opportunity to get their hand in the till.

Those that are running for any office that are wanting a kinder, gentler Republican Party need to take a good look at those that are supporting them. Why would they support someone that wants a kinder gentler party? Is that so they can influence how our city is run to their benefit? Do they give big donations just because they believe in you or is there another reason? Do they want to neuter what is considered to be one of the most conservative and effective county parties in the great state of Texas like they are trying to do to Trump? It is backfiring at the national level and it will backfire in Ector County also. I suggest you look at both their motivations and their character.

If you don’t like the current Ector County Republican Party Board then you don’t really know them. They are hardworking people that give freely of their time and receive nothing in return. Find out what is really going on before you pass judgment.

The Republican Party – the party of Lincoln – is not here to make people feel good; it is here to ensure that the Constitution is followed and that God is still in the center of our country. Don’t fall for the bait of “it’s too harsh”. If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a war! A war to defend our very way of life. A war that will determine the kind of country and community your children and grandchildren will grow up in. If you want nice and inclusive then it is not the Republican party where you belong.

If you run for office you are asking for a battle, be aware of what the other side is telling you. If you think that politics should be nice, look around and know that it isn’t. War isn’t pretty and it isn’t for the wishy-washy, the weak minded or the weak willed. You must fight for what is right and you must battle against the status quo and the forces of evil.

Research on your own and find the truth, quit believing all the lies that the ones who lost power are telling you.

As a “Founder of the Ector County TEA Party”, I refuse to go back to the so called “Unity” that we thought we had. We were really all asleep. I will not go back to sleep and ignore what is happening. The Ector County Republican Party is ready!

If you think the last year was hard, Buckle up! War is coming.

Our eyes are open, we are watching!

Dawn Tucker


Founder of the Ector County TEA Party