LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Help the local GOP, donate $10

Hello, my name is Rinah Lewis and I grew up around politics, my grandmother is Alma Bird and she used to be a precinct chair and now my dad worked hard to bring back the Republican Party.

And when he and the other elected precinct chairs and county chair get the Party back it’s handed over broke.

I told my dad that I would donate $10 of my savings to the ECRP and he thought it was nice and posted it on Facebook. And now some more people want to donate $10 too.

So I started thinking that if more people donate $10 we could fix the problem and make the ECRP like when my grandmother was there.

So I’m asking to please donate $10 to the Republican Party. You can call my dad or talk to him on Facebook and we will come to get your $10.

Thank you,