LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Get out and vote early

Early voting has begun! There are no lines and it is easy to do. I have voted and I encourage everyone who is registered to do the same. Now is the time to look to the future.

For Republicans, if the Ronnie Lewis crowd wins, they need to keep their promises and we the voters need to hold them accountable. If the Tisha Crow group wins, hopefully they have learned a powerful lesson and will be more transparent but again we the voters need to hold them accountable.

The same holds true for the Democrats. There are plenty of state and national issues that can be debated as we move forward, but let’s focus on our community. Why do we continue to lose good people working for the city?

What is happening with the $98 million dollars for the waste water treatment upgrade? What is happening with the continuing water line breaks in town? Is our water supply in danger? What about our roads that are getting worse with the additional traffic we are seeing?

To me though, the biggest current problem is how trashy the city and county have become! Odessa and Ector County are filthy! The vacant lots are filled with plastic trash as are the roadways. It is everywhere.

It’s also amazing how many people choose not to take care of their property. Let’s get behind our code enforcement staff and the Keep Odessa Beautiful project and do something about cleaning up and beautifying our city and county.

Charles Cotten