LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ector County GOP: It’s too little and too late

​Last week I received a letter from Jeff Russell introducing himself and telling me the duties of a Precinct Chair and asking for my vote. I laughed out loud. Where has he been? Apparently Mark Matta was previously my Precinct Chair. I never heard from him either!

In the letter Russell states he was recently appointed. Which I found odd because he ran for Precinct Chair a few years ago and lost. Why would he be appointed if the voters had already voted against him?

If these Precinct Chairs felt the need to send a letter and tell voters the duties of a precinct chair that tells me that they have not been doing their duties. Are all the precinct chairs sending out letters all of a sudden? Where have these precinct chairs been? Too little, too late!

Jeff Russell didn’t not think Ector County should have the right to vote for County Chair. But now Jeff Russell wants our vote for Precinct Chair. He wants our vote for his daughter in law, Samantha Russell, who is running for County Commissioner and he wants our vote for Tisha Crow. Now Jeff Russell wants us to vote!

At the bottom of the letter was an odd note written by Ector County Republican Chair Tisha Crow. She had a strange comment about people that oppose her being “Trans Republican”. I found that comment to be terribly insulting and inappropriate! I looked up the term “Trans Republican” and the only thing I could find were articles about Republicans and transgender. Did Tisha just make up a derogatory term to attack her opponents?

Sorry Jeff your letter failed miserably. I support Donna Kelm for Ector County Republican Chair, Billy Dubose Jr. for my precinct chair in 312, and Don Stringer for Commissioner Precinct 3.

The primary election is March 5th. Early voting starts February 20th.

Let’s support those that support our right to vote!

Susan Jones