LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Current GOP leaders are vicious

It’s been over a decade since that visit to my office by Tisha Crow and her group. I’ve never regretted not joining them – telling them I would continue to do what was right, even if they wouldn’t support me. Back then, few knew how vicious they could be, and many who didn’t know us actually followed their lead.

Fast forward, and they continued to attack me and our family with outright lies. We had no place to turn running in the Republican primary when laws were broken, our signs stolen, etc. because our own Republican Party Headquarters were hoarding supplies, sign stands, etc. bought with Party funds and were, in fact, the ones stealing our signs and continuing to spread blatant misinformation about us!

When we asked to use some of the large sign stands donated by a former candidate who authorized us to use them, and those purchased with Party funds, we were told there weren’t any left (in a runoff with 2 candidates). And then the “endorsement by the Republican Party” which came from a handful of Crow supporters on her hand-picked board, which were present at the polls spreading more misinformation to voters… It was literally Jimmy at one Poll and me at another against groups of Crow and her colleagues stopping voters and spreading untruthful information – anything to keep them from voting for me. The postcards which we traced back to Jeff Russell’s business address were vile and contained more false information not only about me, but about our family! I honestly don’t know how these people live with themselves –

Jimmy & I are moving in three years, and I was sad to know we were leaving our beloved County in the malicious hands of these people.

BUT THEN Ronnie Lewis stepped up, and for over a year, stood firm and battled back against this group! Now, others have joined him, and we have hope that our local Party – the Party we and Debi Hays worked hard to build to #1 in the nation – will be left in good hands!

ECRW worked hard to build the Party, as those who joined in and attended the meetings will attest. Ms. Crow did not even attend the meetings at that time, and although I messaged her about our efforts to build the Party, she and her colleagues did nothing to help. It was as if they didn’t want more people to join the Party. Later, this was summed up in the words of one of their group – “we got it like we like it.”

The meetings were moved to Wednesdays, and our Howard County dockets are then so I had to stop participating. During the last election, the judge allowed me to appear by zoom so I could go back and attend the meetings and events. Crow and her group had infiltrated ECRW, and the atmosphere was hostile! They saved seats at the front for themselves; refused to share the membership directory with candidates they did not support; and had basically taken over. ECRW is prohibited from endorsing candidates in the Primary, but they posted my opponent’s campaign logo on the official Facebook Page.

I tried to invite people to ECRW, and was told they weren’t going back because of the hostile environment. It broke my heart. Thankfully, with Donna Kelm in leadership, I understand people are slowing stepping back in.

I could go on… the point we are celebrating about everything that has happened recently is this:

God is faithful and the truth ALWAYS comes out – even if it takes a decade!

Cindy Weir-Nutter