LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Crow boasting about dismal results

Kris Crow continues to boast about his wife, Tisha Crow, and how Tisha and her appointed precinct chairs are responsible for this incredibly high voter turnout in Ector County. Even calling them “over achievers”. Really? Keep in mind no one had ever heard from their precinct chairs until they were exposed for not doing their jobs while desperately trying to remain anonymous. Let’s look back at the last few elections.

Mayor Javier Joven won his race in 2020 with less than 7% of registered voters casting a ballot. In 2022, a crucial governor’s race between Abbott and Beto, only 23% of the Ector County Republican voters participated. How do you Keep Texas Red with such low voter turnout? And in the most recent election, the 2023 bond election, only 11% of the registered turned out to vote.

Sorry, Crow but I call those numbers are pathetic!

Early voting starts Tuesday, February 20th. Election Day March 5th. Ector County, let’s show Kris Crow what high voter turnout looks like! Boom!

Vote Donna Kelm!

Ronnie Lewis