LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Buckshot is the person for the job

This is an open letter to ALL voters in Ector County. I have watched with keen interest from afar as my hometown of Odessa is embattled in political drama in the last few years. It seems like the division has grown larger and more intense in the last year. Maybe it’s time to elect some people that are not long-term politicians. In fact, maybe it is time to elect some people that are not politicians at all!

Billy Dubose Jr. is running for Precinct Chair 312. I have known Billy (Buckshot) since I was a young child in Odessa. I grew up on Glenwood and Billy grew up one street behind me on Rosewood. We graduated together from Permian in 1978. Let me tell you what I know about Billy. He is known as a straight shooter. He isn’t shy to express his opinion, but he certainly will listen with an open mind to your opinion also. He has owned and operated a very successful business in Odessa for many years. He knows the ups and downs of the west Texas oilfields. He has lived, survived and thrived through the peaks and valleys of the oil industry. He knows the spirit and the “can do” attitude of Odessa people. He is a man of integrity. His handshake means something to him. Billy has “old school” values, but his life is not rooted in the past. He has a progressive mindset. He cares deeply about Odessa. He has fully invested his life there.

If you are looking for a NON-politician, a person who will absolutely listen to both sides, a man of honesty, transparency at the government level, then get to know Billy Dubose Jr. I am confident Buckshot will earn your vote and your trust and he will represent the voters of Ector County proudly.

Brian L. Harris

Kemah, Texas