LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bond props address safety, security

Safety and security is on everyone’s mind these days, especially the safety of our students and the staff at ECISD’s over 40 campuses. You have the opportunity to help keep everyone at ECISD safe by voting yes for the bond proposals that are currently on the ballot.

Proposition A includes replacement of district phone systems, Public Announcement/Bell/Clock/Fire Alarm system replacements and the refreshing of security cameras.

Currently some campuses have what are called “fire watchers.” Because their fire alarms don’t work properly, some schools have employees stand watch over the hallways to alert everyone if a fire breaks out. Our students and our employees deserve better.

Everyone knows technology is ever changing. The phone you had even five years ago isn’t as good as the phones produced today. The same is true for the technology that ECISD uses. Proposition A will include a complete phone system replacement. The District has been notified that the company that produced our phone systems will no longer be making parts or servicing this product. It is obsolete. Our students and our employees deserve better.

Security cameras are everywhere these days. But, many of our campuses have blind spots that are not covered by existing security cameras. This can pose a risk to everyone. Proposition A will include 1,976 new surveillance cameras. Our students and our employees deserve this.

All of these upgrades and improvements can be done without raising your taxes. There is no reason not to vote for Proposition A.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, and polls are open from 7am to 7pm.

A. Feliz Abalos