HART: Show trials amount to faux trials: Biden family affairs

Even after Trump’s faux trial, Biden’s favorability poll numbers are dropping faster than Hunter Biden’s art prices will when Joe loses the presidency. It turns out most Americans see through using government to go after political adversaries. Enough!

A Gallop poll recently found that 77% of Americans are “very dissatisfied” with the way things are going. The other 23% responded, “No hablo ingles.”

Joe Biden’s approval rating has slipped to 37%, prompting some DNC officials to think about replacing him — perhaps with P. Diddy and Hunter Biden, two who always put the party first. With Trump’s numbers rising with his conviction and tales of sexploits, perhaps the Dems are running the wrong Biden.

The NYC Trump trial, as eventually became evident to the defendant and to the public during the judge’s jury instructions, was about his company deducting $130k, or denying New York its tax rate of about 10% of that. Call it a $13,000 caper.

Compare that to Jill Biden, who just flew back from France for a day in government jets to intimidate the Delaware jurors in the Hunter Biden trial, another trial that need not have taken place. I take no pleasure in Hunter’s conviction.

The estimated cost of Jill flying to Delaware and then right back to France to keep Joe from slipping in the polls (or on any loose rugs)? $3 million. For such a purportedly “environmentally concerned” Democrat Party, this seems tone deaf. For those keeping score at home, $3 million of mostly taxpayer money, versus $13k of maybe missed NY state tax revenue.

With Joe and France’s leader, Macron, Jill was in France visiting the D-Day remembrance of the Normandy invasion. She visited France’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In his remarks, Joe Biden said he knew the guy.

Biden is slipping. However, he did say something cognitive recently: “You know, I have half a mind to run for President this year.”

We have $34 trillion in debt. When this country drowns from that, look no further than how we are allocating our resources now. Jill flies across the Atlantic and back at the cost of $3 million. Our corporate media had no problem with this price tag and didn’t even report it; if they did, they were likely to say she is showing respect to France by paying homage to Marie Antoinette.

It was the worst request made by a First Lady of a President since Mary Todd Lincoln said to Abraham Lincoln, “Would it kill you to take me to the theater some time?”

Dems no longer understand the average American. Dolly Parton’s theme park is far outpacing in growth the “woke” Disney parks now. Dolly even has her own brand of wine, which is sold only in extra large jugs.

This lawfare needs to end. I have not flipped over my calendar for June yet, but when is the next Trump trial for not having rewound his videotape when he took it back to the Queens Blockbuster in 2002?

Hunter did not take the stand for fear of revealing the real Biden family crimes under oath. In the courtroom were all the Bidens, some would say to intimidate the jury. I say they all stay together so no one breaks loose and goes to the Feds to cut a deal for him or herself.

The Bidens are the Fredos and Capones of Delaware; they should be called “The Untouchables.” After the DOJ ran out the statute of limitations on bigger charges and clandestinely attempted to strike a corrupt universal immunity deal, the Hunter case was a try at jury nullification. Like O.J. got – but no dice. Hunter Biden’s laptop presented a roadmap to any DOJ prosecutor with integrity who wanted to purse the Bidens.

With all the Trump foibles laid bare, the media almost never talk about Joe Biden and his similar issues: the Tara Reade sexual assault claims, the true timeline of Joe Biden dating Jill when she was his babysitter while married, Joe showering with his young daughter, and Hunter having an affair with his brother’s wife.

At least it will not cost taxpayers as much to imprison Hunter Biden. He can have his family and conjugal visits at the same time.