HART: My annual Christmas list

It is my wish that, with a now divided Congress, Washington leave us alone for the next two years. Entrenched, Deep State, Democrat bureaucrats are like Christmas lights: they are inextricably intertwined, not very bright, and only about half of them work.

The Pope oversaw the Vatican’s annual Nativity scene. The Bible tells us that Jesus was surrounded in His manger by cows, goats and many pigs. We still celebrate that way by inviting family members over for Christmas dinner.

A good way to save money on Christmas gifts is to discuss politics at family Thanksgiving dinners. My Drunkle Mac used to drink stuff that not only hit the spot but removed spots. I do miss my Drunkle Mac’s belligerent political ranting during holiday visits. I learned to approach a gun and an uncle the same way: just assume they are loaded.

High gas prices have caused Americans consternation over the holidays. But the good news is that I filled up for $35 recently. It was my lawn mower, but I like to stay positive.

I hope all Americans are safe this year. There were 90 federal FBI and DHS agents working at Twitter to make sure any posts damaging to Democrats were taken down. To save money next year, just put a “Trump for President” sign in your yard; FBI agents will monitor your house 24/7. For helpful money saving tips, follow me online.

There was even more blurring of lines between the genders this year. The Department of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Waste Disposal, Sam Brinton, who identifies as a “non-binary” crossdresser, spends most of his time dressed as a woman (whatever that is). He got accused of stealing a woman’s luggage. He now identifies as “Samsonite,” and his personal pronouns are “Gucci” and “TUMI.”

It was a big year for the transgendered among us. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson could not or would not provide the definition of a “woman.” And an Ivy League male collegiate swimmer historically was allowed to compete as a woman when he decided to identify as one. In another historic first under Biden, Lia Thomas also became the first NCAA woman swimmer who could write her name in the snow.

Perhaps Liz Cheney and her show trial committee co-member, Rep. Adam Schiff-for-Brains, will go away this year. They have been good friends for years, dating back to their college theater class where they studied Manufactured Drama together.

I hope Republicans learned from their hard stance on abortion that 70% of Americans favor some form of pro-choice. The Republican stance is not a winning one. Neither Washington nor any politician should make life-or-death decisions for you. That is the sole province of whoever is texting with you while you are driving and maybe Dr. Fauci.

The same logic trips up Democrats. Every time there is a shooting, they say we need to make a law to make guns illegal. You know, the same way when they made drugs illegal it got rid of drugs in America.

Biden continues to embarrass the nation. At the G7 Summit they were talking about sending B-52 bombers to Ukraine and F-150 truck exports to Canada. Biden got confused and yelled, “Bingo!” He also was not able to remember the names of the other G7 leaders at the conference. However, he has a new system where he remembers them based on their shampoo fragrances.

Biden is getting so old that he has started plagiarizing his own speeches. He avoided the press this year while his handlers continued to make all the decisions. They did stage an online Q&A for him and asked him the most frequently posed question on social media: “Zuup, you awake?”

With the high cost of food, the Wall Street Journal reported that soaring inflation is the top concern among women. In England, a man was arrested for offering a girl food for sex. He is being charged with one count of online dating.

Many Northern snowbirds moved to Florida. Then they decided to move halfway back. They live in Tennessee now. They’re called “half-backers.” An alarming number of them come to Tennessee in Snowbird Season. But should it really be called “Snowbird Season” in Tennessee if you can’t shoot them?

Finally, I am thankful Dr. Fauci and Governor Cuomo are gone. Remember how they lectured us on how they were protecting us from COVID? I would feel much better if someone in D.C would hold a press conference and tell us how they are protecting us from government. Government cannot solve our problems. That is what bourbon is for.