HART: Biden shortens vacation to visit Hawaii

Unlike many of us who spew our opinions weekly (and in some cases, weakly), I watch all forms of news from the left-wing news of NBC to the far left-wing news of CNN and PMS-NBC. This gives one perspective and balance.

In doing so, I noticed in the last year the theme of national newscasts like NBC is to point out the weather around the United States. They often open with how hot it is in one town or another, as if it has never been hot there before in August. Words like “extreme” and “unprecedented” are used in the newscasts, clearly to advance their “climate change” agenda. Note to media: It is always hot in August. If you hear the newscaster say “hottest ever” in that state, do what I do: look it up. It always turns out that 1925 or 1932 was the hottest year on record.

The South, where sensible people live, has had a nice, mild summer. But to listen to the news, you’d think the earth is on fire because of climate change. It is hot here. What is the difference in the summer between a hot stove and Florida? The hot stove does not produce serial killers or Power Ball winners.

I trust government, academics and the media on “climate change” no more than I did the CDC, Fauci and the media on Russian election interference in 2016. The Durham Report determined that Trump/Russian election meddling involved neither Trump nor Russia. It did involve Hillary.

To buy in to “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” as it was once called, you must believe three things:

1. The earth is warming (it probably is).

2. It is caused by man (remember, the Ice Age cameth over 100 million years ago, before Cadillac Escalades roamed the earth). This formed the Mississippi River and the like. The earth has weather cycles, El Nino and the like. So man causing this is debatable.

3. If we give the government trillions of dollars, it can change the temperature of the world over time. This kind of hubris can only belong to politicians.

Our government cannot even pull out of Afghanistan without leaving the Taliban $85 billion worth of our weapons. It cannot balance the budget, protect the border or even tell us where billions in our tax dollars go in Ukraine. Now we are expected to believe government can change the temperature of the earth. It is just that good.

Pursuing “green policies” instead of just fixing the powerlines in Maui caused those fires. Democrats can’t even sound the emergency system in Hawaii.

Joe Biden interrupted his vacation at a donor’s home in Lake Tahoe to fly Air Force One to Hawaii, where he was booed and berated. He really did not know what he was doing there — perhaps bringing money to them and asking that the prosecutor be fired. Joe spends most of his time confused. He actually fell asleep on stage. It concerned his handlers that he could lose half the Democrat vote if they thought he was praying.

Then Hurricane Hilary hit California. I think California called it a “tropical storm.” Even hurricanes can identify as tropical storms in California if they want to. California is so screwed up that everything is confusing, even storms. There is a rule there now: If Governor Gavin Newsom allows you to have Christmas in your home, no one gets pie until you go around the table and everyone confesses his or her belief that climate change is real.

Satirical headlines pointed out that Hurricane Hilary hit California, destroying 30,000 of her emails and washing most of the human excrement off the streets of L.A. Since it was Hurricane Hilary, there would be no deaths reported. All those who passed because of the storm would be considered suicides.

During this storm, the second president impeached for embarrassing Hillary, Donald Trump, was turning himself in to the Fulton County (Atlanta) Jail. The DA in Atlanta went after him on the orders of the Democrat Party. For continuity, Trump should have turned himself in on the CNN Plaza. If I were Trump, I would be thinking about Jeffrey Epstein’s stay in a New York prison cell for having crossed the Clintons. He really needs to re-think wearing his extra long necktie in there.