GUEST VIEW: Please vote for positive change

By Kirk Edwards

Fellow Odessans. I know everyone is fed up with hearing about Precinct Chairs, but with early voting starting next week, folks need to know who to vote for and why.

The current party chair and her current board all claim to be such stalwart, loyal Republicans but the facts are they are all of the same mindset as our mayor, city manager and several councilmen. That mindset group vehemently opposed Brooks Landgraf in his last election.

You know Brooks, our current 5 term State Representative that won his last race by an 80% to 20% margin. That’s the person Odessans want, not the Crow backed Casey Gray types.

Oh, and did you know the current group voted to censure our very own Governor Greg Abbott. The same Governor who is defending our Texas border against the onslaught of illegal immigrants. Ask them when they ask for your vote if this is true or not.

And to make your blood boil, they won’t even endorse Brooks in this upcoming March primary and Brooks is running unopposed. Why, you may ask – simple answer – they can’t control Brooks and they know it.

Brooks represents the Odessa we all know and love. Below I have written out the names of the candidates and their precincts that support folks like Brooks and Governor Abbott.

Cut it out of the paper, take a picture of their names, text them to your friends but please go vote for these folks and above all vote for Donna Kelm to bring back honest ethical leadership to our Odessa Republican Party.

And lastly, something stinks to high heaven with our mayor and council covering up the mysterious bogus reporting of their adversary’s truck being at houses in a certain neighborhood allegedly committing crimes. This is called swatting and making a false police report to our police chief is a crime.

The mayor knows who did it and so does our new city manager. They need to come clean and soon. The other members of the city council need to have a public inquiry into getting this resolved.

Funny thing is there are no cell phone pictures of the truck, no videos but someone that reported it got close enough to memorize a license plate and not take a picture? Must have a wonderful mind to do that or a very creative one to make it up. Either way it is a crime and it has to be investigated soon.

I can promise you the below folks would not stand for this kind of unethical behavior and use of political power to intimidate their foes. They will stand for Odessa, Brooks Landgraf and Governor Abbott. Let’s put them in office and soon. Please vote for:

  • County Chair Donna Kelm
  • Precinct 101 Linda Hall
  • Precinct 108 Gary Don McCain
  • Precinct 111 Jason Pond
  • Precinct 201 Jill Miller
  • Precinct 202 Traci Gregston
  • Precinct 203 Ronnie Lewis
  • Precinct 204 Richard Pierce
  • Precinct 205 Charles Pierce
  • Precinct 206 Brenda Worthen
  • Precinct 207 Jet Brown
  • Precinct 208 Christina Bryson
  • Precinct 209 Gary Johnson
  • Precinct 310 Randy Elam
  • Precinct 312 Billy Dubose
  • Precinct 409 Luis Galvan

Kirk Edwards is a longtime oil and gas business owner and philanthropist.