GUEST VIEW: Jeff Russell letter full of lies

By Steven Thompson

I can’t believe Jeff Russell thinks he can send in letters to the editor which are full of lies and misinformation.  He can’t even understand the rules of how to complete a petition properly that clearly states you must have a number of signatures equal to 5% of registered voters that voted in the last election to and those signatures must be registered voters of Ector County, NOT JUST 3,000 signatures.  For him to say the people who signed this petition represented half of those who voted in the last election. A full 1/3 of those signatures he collected were kicked out because they were not registered voters in Ector County and  verifiable by the Election office.  Therefore, his claim that half of the citizens that voted in the last election were against the City Council’s action to issue the CO’s for the repair of the water treatment plant. Another blatant lie. This man continues to think that the citizens of our city will believe anything he or his squad says.  I think the citizens of Odessa are smarter than he gives them credit for.  By the way, I must add I did not say the citizens were not smart enough to make decisions on how to fund a project like the repair of the water treatment plant.  What I said was “I believe the constituents of my district #2 elected me to sit though endless hours of presentations by consultants, engineers, and staff about the issues and solution options and associated cost and to make and informed decision on their behalf.” These lies and misinformation by the “squad” are said to further their private agendas and to try and impede the growth of our city,  lessen the quality of life and not to be proactive in solving the issues that face our community.

Steven P. Thompson is city councilman of District 2.