GUEST VIEW: Critical Race Theory is wrong on many levels

By U.S. Rep. August Pfluger

On Thursday, I hosted a town hall meeting in Odessa where I had the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing our Nation, as well as the hope and optimism I have for the future of our country.

Unfortunately the article written about the town hall did not accurately portray my position on critical race theory. I appreciate the retraction and apology, and the opportunity to set the record straight on this important topic.

I stand by my opposition to Critical Race Theory, and I’d like to explain why.

Critical Race Theory is a toxic and divisive ideology that seeks to divide, overthrow, and dismantle every aspect of our society.

Yes, it is imperative that our children are taught the full and accurate telling of our history. The good and the bad. We must learn about the past—and learn from the past. Our country has overcome many dark times in its history. We all understand that the United States, like almost every other country around the world, has a past marred with the abhorrent scar of slavery, the tragedy of civil war, and divisive infighting. We have made gains towards equality and continue to emerge stronger, together.

But Critical Race Theory teaches our children the entire founding of the country was on an evil premise. It’s a false, vicious, and racist lie.

CRT pushes the horrible notion that racism is endemic within every person. That we exist in a society of oppressors and the oppressed. That the entire system must be toppled and rebuilt as a socialist utopian society before any true equality can ever be reached.

I refuse to stand idly by as our children are poisoned with lies about their worth and forced to believe they are evil oppressors and complicit in racism based on the color of their skin alone. That America is a racist nation through to its core, and that all our institutions are evil past the point of redemption.

Since first gaining in popularity in the 1990’s, this detestable ideology has continued infiltrating our society well beyond academia—into our elementary schools, businesses, and every corner of the federal government.

There has never been a greater need for Americans of all backgrounds to come together. I believe that this unity is best realized and put into action through our institutions like the military, law enforcement, first responders, and heroes in the medical field. These folks band together to complete missions and save lives regardless of personal differences.

Now is the time for our entire country to learn these lessons of what unites, rather than divides us. Critical Race Theory only divides.

All humans are created in the image of God and beloved by Him. Tragically, Critical Race Theory pits us against each other and integrates the awareness of racial differences into every aspect of our society. Again, racism in any form is wrong and cannot be tolerated.

CRT teaches children to hate America. To despise the country that has lifted more people out of poverty, fostered more freedom, and provided more safety around the world than any country in history. Yes, we will learn from our mistakes, but no, we will not teach our children to hate the color of their skin and hate the country we love.