GUEST VIEW: Nurturing for humane beings

By Kathryn L. Copeland

Nurturing in the first five years of a child’s life is an absolute necessity to be human beings with consciences. 22 children, age two years old with two adult workers, State of Texas’ requirements, is not working. We have generations of sociopaths and psychopaths. Violence is epidemic.

Herds of children in care less glorified orphanages called day cares in the U.S. is the issue.

Nurturing of animals, including Homo sapiens, is basic.

Mass migrations of the world’s people is occurring, including America. There are ample people available to work.

We need nurturers. Have two parent homes done a budget? Are they realizing any material gain by both working? Have they lost their children…There are more expenses and higher income tax bracket.

Teachers have become babysitters to undisciplined, out of control students, teaching tests instead of teaching. They are tested by students, parents, superiors. Working long hours, unrealistic expectations.

Teachers are dedicated. They used to be respected. They have the most important job after parents. We have educators from other countries. Our teachers are “giving up”.

Public school students are failing, including scholastically.

Many women have accepted the role of Superwoman since propaganda of the 1960s.

Fortunately, some men are stay at home nurturers. Women worked in factories in WWII. Five year old children worked in factories in the US. Lots of men in the Permian Basin are overworked, old before their time.

Some day care workers are disgruntled, ill suited to “care” for our babies. Cultures, traditions are important, too.

We have a problem. Shortage of day cares isn’t it.

Most sincerely,

Kathryn L. Copeland

Kathryn L. Copeland is a former Court Appointed Special Advocate and a caregiver of children.