GUEST VIEW: Local GOP gaining support

Ronnie Lewis

By Ronnie Lewis

Last week my ten year old daughter took the initiative to begin a small donation campaign for the Republican Party. When she heard the ECRP was broke, she took action. The money my daughter is raising is not for local campaigns or candidates, but funds to simply “keep the lights on” throughout the summer.

The ten dollar donation campaign has been a huge success. And I want to thank all those that have supported my daughter’s efforts. Give us a call at 432-257-9235, we can come to you, you can drop by the house or I can text you the Venmo QR code. Venmo code can also be found on my personal Facebook page or on Ector County Politics. You can mail my daughter a $10 donation to 2517 Palo Verde 79762. Make checks payable to the ECRP. The $10 donations are adding up and most are coming from first time donors. It’s a grassroots movement that’s growing the Party! Are you “in for ten”?

Speaking of growing the Party, Tisha Crow will be handing over the reins to newly elected County Chair Donna Kelm on Monday. To say we are excited is an understatement! And to celebrate, we are having an Open House at the Republican Headquarters Tuesday June 18th 5-7:30 PM. For those new to the Party, the headquarters is located across the street from the Annex at 707 Jefferson. We welcome all Republicans. We want to thank you for your support, and we want you to know you are a part of this Ector County Republican Party family. Come join Donna Kelm and the new Ector County Republican Party executive committee celebrate this momentous occasion and bring the family.

Getting the headquarters back in the hands of all Republican voters has been a long process, a hard fought battle. We took the attacks, and there were a lot of them. I feel this past election puts an end to the mudslinging in local campaigns, puts an end to the nasty fake Facebook bullies, and an end to intimidating candidates and their supporters. With a historic 16 wins, we can proudly claim, their dirty campaigning backfired. Take note Odessa Headlines and Odessa’s Accountability Facebook pages. My goal has always been to ensure Republicans feel safe running for office. And I want all Republicans to be able to vocally support their chosen candidates without fear of retaliation. I said all along that was the reason I put myself and my family through this ordeal….to stop the bullying.

I literally spent hours every day for a couple of years planning, strategizing and campaigning. I was so thankful when such great, strong candidates joined in. Next week all our hard work, along with your support and your vote, pays off. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I can’t wait to walk into the Headquarters with Donna Kelm and all the newly elected precinct chairs. We can’t wait to see the place filled with enthusiastic voters again. We can’t wait to welcome you, shake your hand and thank you for your support. Let’s pack the house!

I just want to thank everyone that has reached out to me during the last couple years. Your words of encouragement and my family’s support is what has kept me going and made all this possible. Without doubt, we are starting out on day one stronger than ever. We’ve met a lot of new friends during this long journey and we hope to see old friends, new friends and soon to be friends at the Headquarters on Tuesday! Strength in numbers!

Ronnie Lewis is an Odessa businessman who founded Dos Amigos. He is also an elected GOP precinct chair.