GUEST VIEW: I thought I’d rested my case

By Ronnie Lewis

In my last letter I laid out the facts that I had exposed over the year regarding Tisha Crow and her appointed precinct chairs. I intentionally left out facts regarding the people Tisha surrounds herself with, in order to go into early voting on a softer note.

I left out that Tisha’s vice chair had plead guilty to two felonies one for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a young female and breaking and entering into a home.

I left out Tisha created a Sargent at Arms position and appointed someone that had been arrested for petty theft and carrying a prohibited weapon.

I left out the drug arrest records of two of her appointed precinct chairs.

I also left out that Jeff Russell and Mayor Javier Joven lost their campaigns to be precinct chairs but Tisha Crow appointed them to the ECRP Board anyway.

You know, the same Javier Joven that hired a political activist with an animal science degree to be our City Manager.

I did not mention that Tisha Crow has adorned her yard in my neighborhood, her office on Tanglewood and the Republican headquarters with inflammatory signs about me.

I did not go into great detail of how she’s not only allowed her precinct chairs to attack her opponents but she actually grooms them to attack and demand total allegiance from her precinct chairs.

Like I said “I rest my case it’s up to the voters” but in the first three days of early voting, voters were being approached and fed dishonest statements by Freda Daniels precinct chair 111 and very aggressively approached by Tisha’s chairperson in 203. Things boiled over on the third day of early voting and a “dust up” between Donna Kelm who is challenging Tisha Crow for her position and Carmen Wilhite.

And instantly Jeff Russell and Tisha Crow cranked up the spin machine. According to Tisha everything is my fault but I was across town at the Elegante greeting voters and taking pics with voters happily voting for change.

I’ve compiled videos of the early voting on my Ector County Politics Facebook page that prove exactly that. Picture after picture of smiling faces that can’t wait to walk in and vote or had just voted for change, something they’ve been wanting for years, new leadership in the Ector County Republican Party. Crow and Russell immediately sent spam texts all over the County painting me and Donna Kelm for the disruption, but remember Tisha Crow and her precinct chairs just completed a two day seminar on disrupting the lives of opponents and their campaigns.

Just this week they intentionally instigated Commissioner Don Stringer while JP candidate Jennifer Woodall concocted wild statistics regarding backlogs on the JP Court that are directed at her opponent Honorable Judge Carlos Chavez, a retired Odessa Policeman.

Our photos of ourselves with voters prove we’re not the problem instigating violence. Tisha Crow actually has mailed out and posted on the internet pictures of herself wearing boxing gloves and using the word “fight” multiple times.

Myself, I have a twenty year history of bringing people together and creating a safe environment at Dos Amigos where thousands of people attended concerts, bull rides, reunions, anniversaries and retirement parties. I know how to bring people together.

Vote Donna Kelm let’s end this nightmare that has become of Tisha Crow’s reign at the Ector County Republican Party. But there is one more observation I’d like you to point out, Donna Kelm has over 700 yard signs in actual yards of voters that you can see around town, I haven’t seen over 50 Tisha Crow yard signs in yards and Tisha’s very own neighbors have surrounded her house with Donna Kelm signs. Let that sink in.

Let’s get out and vote, we can do this, they are desperate to stay in power let’s go vote and make sure that doesn’t happen. Ector County voters saw through this when Tisha Crow and Jeff Russell viciously attacked Brooks Landgraf, Brooks won by 80%. Let’s do that for Donna Kelm. Go to Ector County Politics Facebook page to see the faces of happy voters and to keep truthfully informed on this election.

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessa businessman who built and founded Dos Amigos.