GUEST VIEW: Chavez is the right choice for JP

By Ronnie Lewis

I’m back out visiting with voters, and boy, I’ll tell ya Odessa is fired up and ready for the November elections. The water crisis has opened the eyes of voters regarding the importance of local elections. I’m excited to see the enthusiasm, but we have a runoff election next week that’s just as critical.

The crucial race is JP Precinct 1 between Judge Carlos Chavez and Jennifer Woodall. Many of Odessa’s finest, including Sheriff Griffis have publicly come out in support of Chavez. And I’m 100% in agreement. I’m asking voters in Precinct 1 to get out and vote. If you are a registered voter in Precinct 1, as long as you did not vote in the Democratic Primary in March, you are eligible to vote in the runoff. If you voted for Woodall in March, you can right a wrong and vote Chavez next week.

Judge Chavez is the only Spanish-speaking candidate and that is important.

Judge Chavez retired from the Odessa Police Department after 35 years and has 25 years of administration experience. Served on the OPD Swat team for 22 years. Has earned 7,445 hours of Law Enforcement training. Completed all 3 stages of New Judge Training hours and received a TCole Master Certification. As a career policeman, Judge Chavez was willing to risk his life daily for Odessa.

Comments about Chavez include, “you’ll never find a more genuine, honest, dedicated man”, “you can’t teach what 30+years brings to the table”, “a wealth of experience”, “a good man with strength and integrity”, “absolutely one of the most honest hardworking men I know”. Meanwhile, Jennifer Woodall is deliberately spreading false accusations regarding Judge Chavez. Folks, Woodall is part of the Crow Cabal. They only know dirty, mudslinging politics.

Here is the truth. There were 28,720 active criminal cases when Judge Chavez took office. Now there are 28,892 active criminal cases. Here is where Woodall is either terribly uninformed or deliberately misleading voters. Active cases are defined as cases that have been heard/resolved. They are on a Payment Plan, Deferred, Defensive Driving, Teen Court, Pretrial, Jail Status, Capias Pro Fine, Warrant, etc.

Pending/Backlogged cases are defined in the context of the courts. A backlog refers to a build-up of cases that have not yet been heard or resolved. At present Chavez does not have a pending/backlog. Zero! Woodall is lying to the voters all while campaigning that she will bring integrity back to the Courthouse.

Keep in mind Jennifer was secretary and an appointed precinct chair for the defeated and practically bankrupt Ector County Republican Party, yet she claims she’ll bring integrity and efficiency to the JP office. And in the buildup to the primary, Woodall was determined to keep Ector County from voting for County Chair. She dishonestly orated over and over regarding the qualifications for County Chair, when there are none. Woodall praised the leadership of Tisha Crow. Now we know the ECRP was in complete shambles ending their reign with 14 losses in the recent election and handing over an empty checking account. How’s that for efficiency and integrity? Fortunately, we take over June 17th and we’ll grow the Party and make the ECRP stronger than ever! Guaranteed!

There is undeniably no place in the Ector County Courthouse for someone like Woodall who continues to blatantly disparage literally one of Odessa’s finest. Voters must not allow Jennifer Woodall to bring the same toxic environment to our courthouse that her counterparts Joven, Swanner and Matta have brought to City Hall.

Be a part of local politics. Get out and vote for Carlos Chavez! If he isn’t in your precinct spread the word to your family, friends and colleagues. I’m also asking you vote for Randy Elam Precinct Chair 310 and Precinct 205 for Charles Pierce. I’m encouraging all to early vote May 20-24th before the Memorial Day Weekend. Election Day May 28th. You can vote at MCM Elegante, the Annex, Odessa College Sports Center, Kellus Turner Community Building and Salinas Community Building. Local elections matter!

Ronnie Lewis is a longtime Odessan who founded Dos Amigos and is a precinct chair for the Ector County GOP.