GUEST VIEW: Are you in for $10

By Ronnie Lewis

Well it’s official. The defeated Ector County Republican Party Executive Board will hand over the reins in less than two weeks. And they are completely broke. We were told over and over that the Party was strong, stronger than ever. Yet they are ending their reign with 16 losses and dead broke.

When my daughter overheard that the Ector County Republican Party was broke, she wanted to help. My daughter has grown up going to the Republican Headquarters and was sad to hear that there was no money left. She asked if she could give $10 of her dog sitting money to kick off the fundraising. When word got out that $10 from a ten year old was the first donation, others jumped in to donate $10.

Talk about a grassroots movement. Let’s build our Republican Party back with $10 donations. Our goal is to get 1,000 people to donate $10. We want all voters to feel they are a part of the Ector County Republican Party. We value your voice, we value your vote.

Jump in and be a part of this movement. Ask your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers to donate $10. “We are stronger together and our voices are louder.”

When Derek Kelm and I were discussing starting from scratch, we both laughed and agreed that’s all we’ve ever known. We are comfortable with scratch. Lots of us have had our backs against the wall and an empty checkbook. We can overcome this. The money being raised will be from Republicans all over Ector County. We will not be relying on one or two wealthy donors. President Trump raised millions recently with $20 and $30 donations. It can be done.

You can call or text me at 432-257-9235. My daughter and I will come to your home, your office, your shop or I’ll meet you on the side of the road to pick up your $10 donation, you can send your donation to 2517 Palo Verde 79762, or reach out to me on my personal Facebook page or Ector County Politics. You could also contact your own newly elected precinct chair. Let’s get this done. Be in for $10!

Ronnie Lewis is an Odessa businessman who founded Dos Amigos. He is also an Ector County GOP precinct chair.