GUEST VIEW: Woodall, Crow just make up numbers

By Judge Terry Lange

Can something be true and false at the same time, I believe it can. In the election for Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1 it was stated there were thousands of backlogged cases, but is that accurate?

The numbers came from the Office of Court Administration in Austin, as submitted by my office.

For years the number of cases were not being not being shown in the proper data field as closed. This was my fault, while Austin showed the cases as backlogged, in fact the cases were indeed closed and settled.

When I said I left no backlogged cases that is a true fact. Judge Chavez inherited my bad records reporting and is now taking steps to correct the incorrect reporting.

History shows that Pct. 1 takes in about 900 civil cases for the entire year. There are no thousands.

Recently Jennifer Woodall and Tisha Crow attended a forum, they were the only two. It was a ECRP forum no wonder only those two showed up. It appeared there might have been 20 people attending.

Ms. Woodall was claiming in late September and beyond that I was filling in for Judge Chavez and did more cases than he did since taking my place. I retired in April, don’t live in Odessa and I am no longer the judge, I can not sit in for him.

All of the cases are credited to Judge Chavez office. Does she just make it up or verify to see what she says in public is true?

Terry Lange is the retired justice of the peace in Precinct 1.