Woman says affair allegations are not true

A Lubbock woman says she and State Rep. Brooks Landgraf are victims of a dirty campaign by Landgraf’s GOP challenger Casey Gray.

Tiffany Wilson said via phone on Tuesday her life has been ruined by what she characterizes as a smear campaign seeking to link her sexually to Landgraf. Wilson, a single mother, said she has lost her job, she can’t eat or sleep and that nude photos and a nude video of her have been widely disseminated on the internet and social media platforms.

Wilson said she has met Landgraf once or twice but has never been involved in an affair with the married legislator and has never sent him nude photos or video. She has hired a Lubbock attorney, Lee Ann Fouts, who said via phone Tuesday morning she is in touch “with the proper authorities” about what can be done to the people who stole the video and photos of her client.

Current Revolt first published the affair allegations last week along with screenshots of text messages and the nude photos and video. The website describes itself as a Texas-based news and political website. Wilson contacted the site asking them to remove the images and to report the messages were not between her and Landgraf.

The story has since been picked up by a number of conservative online news/opinion sites. “The truth needs to be out there,” Wilson said tearfully, adding she wants her life back.
She said she met Gray during an Odessa oilfield hiring event in January at the Marriott through Tom Slocum, who is running for railroad commissioner.

Wilson said she has no idea how her photos and videos were obtained and spread. She said it was after her encounter with Gray and Slocum, the photos and videos, as well as the allegations against her and Landgraf, surfaced, she said.

Wilson said “the truth needs to come out.”

During a Tuesday candidate forum sponsored by the Ector County Republican Party, Gray repeatedly referred to Landgraf’s “sex scandal” while Landgraf countered that he “doesn’t sling mud and that the truth always comes out.”

An email sent to Slocum’s campaign email account seeking comment was not returned by presstime.

In a related matter, Winkler County Sheriff Darin Mitchell, who last week pulled his endorsement of Landgraf, posted on his personal Facebook that a recent story on an online news site did not tell the whole story about the pulling of his endorsement. “For the record, I did some research after I withdrew my endorsement. That’s why I believe Brooks is the best man for the job, and just because I withdrew my endorsement does not mean I’m not voting for him.”

Approached prior to Tuesday’s forum, Gray told an Odessa American reporter to “stay away” from him. After the forum he invited anyone who had additional questions to ask him, but made it clear that invitation did not extend to the Odessa American.

During the forum, Gray blamed the OA for a “hit piece” on his legal woes.

Gray has an April trial date in Walworth County, Wisconsin, on a charge of bail jumping. The prosecutor in the case said Gray is accused of violating a restraining order twice and jumping bail on the two cases that were filed as a result of those alleged violations. Online records also indicate Gray is involved in a child custody dispute in that same county.

Court records also indicate that a Jan. 6 status hearing was held on the violate/harassment restraining order charge that was originally filed in February 2018 and that Gray did not appear. Gray entered a not guilty in May of 2018.

Locally — and in a separate matter from the Wisconsin bail jumping — Gray has filed police reports in Ector County alleging harassment during the last two years. These reports were obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

After being accused on social media of exaggerating his military record during his congressional run in 2018, Gray filed police reports and posted numerous times, disputing stolen valor claims on social media.

Pages of social media posts attached to the report show a number of back-and-forth dialogues between Gray and others on social media. View the documents at oaoa.com or at the links provided with this story.