Wagner Noël having window art contest

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center Marketing Coordinator Zachary Padilla and Marketing Manager Sydney Gore pose outside the window up for a revamp when a winning artist is picked. The Wagner Noël is having a window art contest to replace this promotional piece. The deadline is March 9. (Ruth Campbell|Odessa American)

Artists of all ages and area locations are entering the Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center window art competition.

The deadline is March 9 and the winner will get to replace the promotional art on the west facing window.

The performing arts center will work with a local company to make a vinyl wrap out of the winning artwork that will be placed on the window.

“We have gotten probably 30 entries so far. We’ve had inquiries from artists as young as 11 years old. The UTPB art department has had some as well as the Permian High School art department. In fact, quite a few people are interested in getting their artwork up on that wall,” Marketing Manager Sydney Gore said.

The window is 10 feet tall and 11 feet wide.

The winning artist will be picked by a panel of five people from the community. Entries have come from the local area, but also from people from West Texas and saw the notice of the competition.

“Whoever is picked, they will get the artwork up there for about six months as well as $100 gift card and they can use that on any show they would like to buy tickets,” Gore said.

The idea for the contest came from Marketing Coordinator Zachary Padilla.

“We were just brainstorming on ideas to replace this artwork. We really wanted something unique and that idea of making it like a backdrop, somewhere that could take pictures and have another spot that brings the West Texas community to the building,” Gore said.

She added that the art can be anything the artist would like to create.

“We’ve gotten anything from photography to watercolor drawings to hand-drawn things, so anything that they would like. We’ve seen quite a few really good things so far for the submissions,” Gore said.

Submissions go to wagnernoel.com and the marketing department brings it to the committee that decides on the winner.

“It will be a very hard decision, because we have so many great artists in West Texas,” she added.

Gore said this is a way to add something to an already iconic building.

“I think it (is) just a really great opportunity to get the community involved. I think once it’s up, like Sydney said, it will just be a great backdrop,” Padilla said.

He added that the winning artwork should stop everyone in their tracks and bring a little more attention to that side of the building.

People going to the box office will see the work as will all the UTPB music students who come in and out of the building daily.